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Back Cover - Windows (UK):
    It is the year 1183. In the tense, emotion charged atmosphere of the Kingdom of Jerusalem the relics of the Holy Cross are in danger. King Philippe commands his trusty knight Arthaud to rescue it from the Holy Land and thwart the sinister plot being woven there.

    Confronted with the military, economic, political and religious questions of the late 12th century, you are the only one who can make Arthuad's quest a success. His fate is in your hands!

    Crusader is an interactive and educational adventure game which immerses you into a medieval world faithfully recreated on your PC.

    With the use of crisp audio, 3D rendered graphics and actors performing against virtual backdrops, this vast historical fresco takes you to many places through which the pilgrims have to pass on their way to the Holy Land and where you meet major historical figures of the day.

    Discover economic and political powers established around the Mediterranean. Learn military techniques and navigation methods, the state of science at the time and secrets of Romanesque art.

    The story unfolds over a one year period as you accompany Knight Arthaud on his quest for the ancient relic. Crusader is a new way of approaching history, bringing to life the rich tapestry of the Crusades - a period that was to influence the development of countries bordering the Mediterranean over the 900 years.
    • Based on a rigorously authenticated historical background
    • An absorbing way to learn about the people and places that made the Crusades one of the most turbulent periods of history
    • Includes seven historical databases on the Franks, Saracens, the Mediterranean world, medieval architecture, war, science and maps
    • Challenges the user to solve 32 major riddles based on specific historical facts and carry out 198 tricky manoeuvres
    • Features 60 minutes of realistic video
    • Offers 30 hours playing time covering five medieval worlds
    • Superbly presented with rich pictorial content that includes paintings, medieval engravings and photographs
    • Accurate representation of the world as it was known in the 12th century, based on maps of the period
    • Hollywood style acting and animating brings a completely new dimension to adventuring
    • Comes with value added links to educational content on the Europress Web site

    Contributed by Jeanne (76280) on Feb 24, 2006.