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Crusader: Adventure Out of Time Credits (Windows)

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Crusader: Adventure Out of Time Credits


ProductionÉdouard Lussan
based on an original idea byEmmanuel Olivier
Conception and production of sets and animationsFrédéric Locca, Eric Ucla
Original musicOlivier Pryszlak
With the participation ofthe Centre National de la Cinématographie
This program has received the supportof the European Community
Project ManagerCécile Haziot
Original scenarioAl Harawi
Publishing DirectorEmmanuel Olivier
Directors of productionDavid Hartley, Vincent Berlioz
Author of dialogues and adaptation into Old FrenchGérard Milhe Poutingon
Writers of documentsSophie Massard, Jean-Claude Lescure, Philippe Tétart
Graphical interface designPascal Valty
3D‑animation designStéphane Hamache
ProgrammingGen Zhang, Christophe Van-Coppenolle, Philippe Garraud, Armelle Le Rohellec
IconographyÉdouard Lussan, Cécile Haziot, Sylvie Du Crest, Valérie Van de Walle
Graphical design of documentsGilles Donnard
In collaboration withNedzad AJKIC
Graphical design of riddlesPascal Valty, Jacques Dufresne, Gilles Donnard
Took part in the production of animations by Frédéric Locca and Eric UclaPascal Loddo, Emmanuel Baume
Graphics for the prototypeCatherine Bernet
Casting and Shooting ManagerCécile Haziot
ActorsEigil Qwist (as Arthaud), Jérôme de Lempdes (as Al Hârawî), Sabine Pangaud, Laurent Collombert, Philip Reversat, Eric Ucla, Édouard Lussan, Stéphane Ravier, Stephan Becker, Philippe Tihy, Lionel Fernandez, Eric Leguay, Al Harawi, Les Chevaliers de Franche-Comté
WigmakerDidier Perrot
CostumesFrance Costume, Régifilm
StudiosLes Studios de L'Olivier
Conception of sound effectsStudio Talk Over
Additional soundsFrançois-Xavier Vives
Editing of introduction and compression of animationsShelby Ring
Additional compressionsPhilippe Tihy
QuickMove teamVincent Berlioz, Calvin Walker, Pierre Grosbois
TestingInternational Testing
Development directorJacqueline Le Bot
Office managementCorinne Lebon, Marc Nowak, Micheline Dormois
Legal affairsJean-Pascal Marron
MarketingNadia Jouravleff
CommunicationInès Pauly, Stéphanie Bolla (Victor Perez Communication)
Packaging designYohannes Camps-Campins
ManufacturingCarine Lapouméroulie
Maintenace ManagerJulien Bellour
TraineesStéphane Darmon, Sylvie Du Crest
Co‑productionIndex+ and France Télécom Multimédia, with the participation of the CNC, of Magic Média - Cryo - Mondadori, and the support of the European Community, within the Info 2000 Program
AcknowledgementsClaude Poliart, Apsita Berthelot, Christian Dezert, La Salle d'Armes de la Tour d'Auvergne, Bernard Allien


Localization directorChristine Braunshausen
Production directorDavid Hartley
GraphicsSerge Combaud
Translation and adaptationMark Caprioli (for B I A T SA)
Recording studioHifi‑Génie Productions
VoicesNicholas Calderbank (as Al Hârawî), Leslie Clack, Paul Bandey, Lisa Jacobs

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Credits for this game were contributed by Macs Black (80151)