Crypt Killer Credits (Windows)

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Crypt Killer Credits


Original Game DeveloperKonami Co.,Ltd., Atelier H Team (Arcade Staff)
DirectorShoji Kondo
Main ProgrammerYuji Chino
Assistant ProgrammerMotoki Ito
Graphic DesignerWataru Takahashi (Digi Plannet), Ken Asō (Digi Plannet)
Sound DesignerHiroki Kamata (Digi Plannet)
New Ending Scenario DesignerShinichi Ōtsuki
Voice ActorKimberly Forsythe, Michael G., Robert Belgrade
RecordingMit Gathering Co., Ltd., Video Sunmall Co.,Ltd
Special thanks toKonami Music Entertainment Co.,Ltd, Ricky Ryuta O'Connell, Masakazu Abe
SHEPARD Co.,LtdMachiko Sawairi
General ProducerKonami Computer Games Aoyama Co.,Ltd, Toshiro Maeda, Tomonori Otsuka
ProducerKonami Computer Games Aoyama Co.,Ltd, Koki Andrew Yamamoto
Presented byKonami Computer Games Aoyama Co.,Ltd, System Sacom Business Co.,Ltd

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