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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Fatal Conspiracy Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Cutscenes show characters from the show talking
The first crime scene: Arson in a mud bath
Interrogating the manager
The PDA allows access to evidence, locations and the case file
Investigating a collected piece of evidence
To collect the trace evidence the player needs to choose the correct tool
Print powder it was!
Choosing the next location
Collecting an impression by molding it
Scanning the mud bath for things beneath...
...and finding a corpse. Here together with Dr. Robbins in the morgue
A part of the crime lab
Annoying in-game advertising
Investigating trace evidence under the microscope
Processing an unknown chemical substance to find its components
One of the trademarks of the CSI series: the flashbacks
Dr. Robbins informs the player that he found further evidence on the body
The case file
Choosing the correct piece of evidence to get a warrant from Brass
Photographing a footprint
Comparing two sets of DNA
Comparing the found footprint with a suspect's show
If the player gets stuck he receives hints per e-mail
The player can also ask his case partner for help
Comparing two finger prints
The main villain of the game
After each game the player receives an evaluation
The second victim: a construction worker. Suicide or murder?
The second crime scene
Preparing a partial print by finding unique parts on it.
Interrogating a suspect in the station
The third victim: A bedridden patient drugged to death
Puzzling together broken medical equipment
Analyzing a document
The fourth victim: death by overdose
Inside a car wash
A suspect's apartment
The fourth victim: a drug dealer
An unusual crime scene