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CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

main screen
The main options screen.
first meeting with Gisham
first case murder scene
close up of fatal wound
Giving some evidence to Greg at lab, for further analysis.
Searching the database for the prints.
Looking at the rap sheet of the hotel manager.
Comparing partial prints to an identification record.
Talking to the coroner about the cause of death.
When you need to bring someone to interrogation, you talk to Brass.
Interrogating a suspect.
Comparing hairs under the microscope.
Checking the gathered info of the victim.
To bring a suspect for interrogation, you must find a mean, motive and an opportunity s/he may have had.
As you solve a certain case, new one will be opened for you.
Depending upon your efficiency of solving a case, more or less extras will get available to you.
Not all cases involve murder.
If the window is broken from the outside, why is there so many glass shards on the outside, hmm....
With each new case, you will be given a new partner, that will eventually evaluate your work.
Taking footprints bearing some results.
At the crime scene, looks like a deja-vu of a 30 year old unsolved crime.
Using magnifying glass to find a thread of fiber on a possible murder weapon.
Dusting for fingerprints.
Re-constructions of a crime.
Chatting with a killer.
Sometimes you'll need a warrant when people refuse to co-operate.
Using a heat detector to find a cause enough to open the barrel.
Examining the pickup truck suspected to be on a crime scene.
In order to solve a case, you will dig through many unpleasant conversations with the possible suspects.
This seems to be the point of entrance
Checking the hacker's place
Talking to Leda Callisto, a person of interest
Trying to figure out how all the cases are connected