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CSI: Miami Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
A few new things appear on the Options Menu
Horatio - the boss
Calleigh is your partner on the first case
1st crime scene - an alligator and a partially eaten body part!
The Lab
Alexx in the Morgue
The Police Station
Conversations are very straightforward and easy
This cryptogram puzzle is workable on-screen - nice!
Achieve "Master" status to reveal all of the bonuses
Jigsaw puzzles are part of "assembling" broken or torn evidence, and more are included as the last bonus for each case.
Great cut-scenes of Miami and southern Florida
In Case 2 you work with Tim Speedle
You can work with evidence after you pick it up
Trying to match DNA in the computer
Eddie Delko helps you with Case 3
Case 3's crime scene. She was strangled -and- shot.
Close-ups are very realistic. You can even see beard stubble and skin blemishes.
Searching for a murder weapon under water.
Partner with Yelina on Case 4
Something fishy is going on here
The interrogation room
Horatio himself works with you on Case 5
Main title
Training level
Your first case starts with a murder on the golf course
Talking to judge Lawford about his whereabouts on the links
Arriving to different locales shows actual places in Miami
She looks relaxed and out of worry... but not for long if I have something to say about it
Matching footprints
Questioning suspects
Alexx at the morgue will tell you more about what happened to the victim
Case file
Bonus materials get unlocked after every solved case
Unlockable artwork