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CTU: Marine Sharpshooter Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Title screen
Here's your spotter Cooper.
It's really difficult to see anything at first.
Oh good, night-vision
He took it in the face!
Cooper with night-vision
Observing a convoy.
Occasionally enemies drop weapons.
Looking down at the terrorist encampment.
Blackhawks to the rescue
Briefing inside the Blackhawk
A truck is dropping us off at this village.
Now to explore the town and find the terrorist leader.
Dark alleys become visible once again, thanks to night-vision.
I'm not sure who killed the guy on the left but this room sure is a mess.
Ack! I'm getting shot up!
Ha! He's missing me at point blank range! Maybe someone should turn on some lights.
This guy left stains on the wall behind him after I shot him.
Where you shoot the enemies makes a difference in their reaction.
In the village sewers
Getting dropped off in Chechnya in order to follow the nuclear weapons.
Cooper and I go for a nice walk in the snowy cliffsides.
Not sure if this guy is exactly an enemy but I'm sure he's aiming at me.
I don't really enjoy killing animals in games.
I had to clear the checkpoint.
Gonna infiltrate the base, but first we gotta snipe from the rooftops.
In the truck hangar
Final destination; South America...