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Cultures 2: The Gates of Asgard Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The campaign begins here, in Greenland.
The story so far, and your objectives.
The Viking village
Another village but these guys know how to sail.
Each building has its own statistics right down to the specific individuals who live there.
I've got ways of making you talk.
Your characters age as time passes.
Are those druids or ghosts?
Zoomed out view of the village and sea.
An Italian fort
An Italian castle surrounded by knights.
I wonder where this leads...
This town surrounds a lake. Maybe I should try to trade with them.
The layouts are always logical in all of the campaigns. Farms lie in the outskirts of keeps with occasional dwellings in the wilderness.
Hey, these guys took all our women!
Baghdad looks awesome!
Here's a small bazaar. There's also a camel stable outside.
This encampment surrounds an oasis!
Home is where the boat is.
Miklagard is a huge city with many riches.
The water seems to come all the way up into the city.
The Vikings make a stop in England. The narrative continues throughout the campaign, slowly building up in each level.
I found something in a chest!
An English city
The ruins up North
These guys are having problems at this bridge. Maybe we should help.
Arriving in Wigrid Wall.
A hellish island on Earth
Defeated some enemies. Hearts mean that the character in question is married.
Shipwrecked Vikings