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The Curse of Monkey Island Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The puzzle difficulty menu (by selecting less puzzles, you pass on lots of neat surprises)
Our hero, Guybrush, just came in from the circus park where he left of last time we controlled him
Helping Elaine to fend off the undead pirate horde - a fun little minigame
Is that who I think it is? But wasn't he... Okay, okay, no spoilers, even for previous games
Guybrush meets Murray.. or whatever is left of him
A mighty pirate trembles in fear in front of his beloved
Starting on Plunder Island. Even seven years later, the humor of our hero is not lost...
Puerto Pollo, the main town of Plunder Island
You'll meet many familiar faces. Do you recognize this lovely lady?..
This golden coin is the new interface, each picture representing a different action
Navigating the map of Plunder Island
Your inventory. As usually in adventure games, you'll accumulate an embarrassing amount of items
Dueling banjos - one of the game's definitive highlights!..
Any Monkey Island game would not be complete without some monkeys in it
Guybrush in disguise... but not on purpose
Guybrush displaying his other skills
Row, row, row your boat...
If you want to stop your crew from singing, give them something that doesn't rhyme
An arcade part of the game to compete with Sid Meier's Pirates!
Back to fencing and insults we lost in the second part
The "boss battle" against Captain Rottingham! RHYMED insult swordfighting!..
Blood Island is significantly darker. You explore a graveyard...
The hotel on Blood Island has a funny neon grog advertisement
An example of using an item on an in-game object
Guybrush's comments are sometimes a bit too laconic
An animation in progress
An example of the dialogue choice mechanics - this time involving lots of treasure...
Guybrush's old friends from Monkey Island, now vegetarians.
These sharks look hungry... better make sure there are no leaky holes on this rowboat
Catching fireflies
Outside the hotel
The windmill
The lighthouse
Looks as though he's seen a ghost.. wait a minute... he HAS..!!
Elaine is quite a sharpshooter with a rifle like that
Captured by the dreadful army of LeChuck
The final part of the game takes place in a rather spooky carnival
Confronting LeChuck who underwent through yet another deadly upgrade
A little happy moment between the battle and the curse...
As before, the voodoo woman has set up her office in a swamp. Unfortunately, Guybrush goes there without even thinking that Elaine, in her current form, might easily be stolen...
Captain Blondebeard's restaurant
The higher part of the graveyard on Blood Island
That's what happens to Guybrush if he combines medicine (the hangover cure) with alcohol (grog)... fact it doesn't even look dangerous (and isn't truly dangerous), rather interesting...
Stan, who is now into the insurance business, has set up his office inside a tomb.
Stan doesn't even seem to care about the solemn character of the place - advertisement is a must!
Guybrush finds Elaine again on Blood Island
The map of Blood Island - after the volcano has awakened and after the lighthouse has been turned on (even though you don't really turn anything on, all it needs is some natural light source).
LeChuck has even made a diorama of a scene from "Monkey Island 2" in his creepy amusement park.