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Curse: The Eye of Isis Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Inventory screen
A long hallway
Exploring the west wing of the museum.
Taking the elevator up.
I probably shouldn't go in there yet...
Attacked by a mummy!
Killing a zombified bobby.
Taking aim with the pistol.
Testing my pistol on a zombified museum worker.
My pistol seems to be working well.
Entering the Osiris Room.
A room full of vases. Too bad you can't damage any props in the game.
Entering a staff room. These door animations get old quick. There's no way to bypass them and the game is full of doors.
Burning down an office with the flamethrower.
The bug that killed my game. This dead guy is supposed to have a key on him. Apparently the Xbox version has fixed this error. Too bad I have the PC version.