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Cutthroats: Terror on the High Seas Credits

81 people (59 developers, 22 thanks)


Project LeaderRob Balloch, Bill Barna, Alex Barregon, Ian Brindle, Rob Davies, Michael Devereux, Nathan Hook, Paul Jasicki, Andrew Rilstone, James Robertson, Pete Wingham
Music / Sound ProgrammingDavid R. Punshon, Richard Wells
Acting / VoiceoversRobert Ashby, Michael Roberts, Mark Silk, Ben Stephens
Sound EffectsAllister Brimble
Casting and Voice ProductionPhilip Morris, AllintheGame Ltd.
Thanks toMartin Carr, Peter Moreland, Stephen J. Goss, Gina Schofield, Simon Vass, Sarah McKenna, Grant Dean, Michael Souto, Andy Redman, Thomas Grinstead, Tom Dicken, Robin Staunton, Ian Sopher, Julie Baldwin, All others at Hothouse, Gina Schofield, Leigh Atley, Everyone who helped with inspiration/comments/criticsm/help, Sid[for the hours and hours of entertainment], Everyone at Lawrence Tucketts, Everyone helping us reaching adulthood , Our partners; friends and families, The City of Bristol[we're happy to work here - even if its history don't make us proud all the time - but that makes Bristol Bristol]


Eidos CreditsGrant Dean, Michael Souto, Tony Bourne, James Featherstone, Allen Elliott, Alex Faulkner, Jason Walker, Steve Dunning, Matthew Richards, Lawrence Day, Flavia Timiani-Dean, Holly Andrews, John Davis, David Burton, Simon Orams, Rebecca West, Jonathan Rosenblatt, Eva Whitlow, Matthew Carter-Johnson, Rose Montgomery, Michael McHale, Eric W. Adams, Nick Davis, Lee Briggs, And many others more - they know it!
Marketing USKelly Zavislak, Karina Kogan
Marketing FranceOlivier Salomon, Stéphan Gonizzi, Priscille Demoly, Guillaume Mahouin
Marketing GermanyKnut Jochen Bergel, Lars Wittkuhn, Sascha Green-Kaiser, Sören Winterfeldt
Executive ProducerGrant Dean
Producer (US)Michael McHale
Producer (UK)Michael Souto
QA Manager (US)Brian M. King
QA Manager (UK)Tony Bourne
Marketing Manager (US)Brian Silva
PR Manager (US)Brian Kemp
Package DesignA Creative Experience; London

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Credits for this game were contributed by Jason Walker (1773), Pyrple (668), formercontrib (158422) and Raphael (1261)