Cyberswine Credits


Original Characters bySamuel Young (as Max Autohead), Ant Larcombe, John Horvath, Eat Cyberfist Pty Ltd
Graphics ProductionChrista Faig
Technical DirectionAnthony Rose
Art DirectionSamuel Young (as Max Autohead), Kim Grantham
SoundGreg Hodge, Peter O'Brien
Music byBrett Mitchell
Graphic Design TeamPaul Ayliffe, Christa Faig, Kim Grantham, Alex Hobbs, Craig Saunders, Steven Seefeld, Kristian Pedlow
Digital Camera & EditingMartin Egan, Craig Saunders
Technical Design TeamAndrew Davie, David Pentecost, Mark Pursey, Scott Davis, Damien Hogan
Executive ProducerKevin Bermeister, Mark Dyne
ProducerMark Miller
DirectorKevin Bermeister
Written bySteve Connard

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (209748)