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D4: Dark Dreams Don't Die Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Start screen
Main menu
Tutorial sequence during the prologue
Interacting with certain objects may require you to move your mouse in the direction of the arrow
Mementos are objects that let you dive into the past
You can use keyboard keys or mouse wheel button to look down and to the sides to reveal other objects
Vision mode highlights the objects you can interact with
Going through the case files
A vision of Little Peggy
Catching dishes thrown at you in a QTE sequence
Introducing characters
Dialogue choices during conversation with other characters
Your partner has some new clues that might lead to the mysterious D person.
Eating food replenishes your stamina
Out on the balcony
Use phone to save game progress
Browsing Amanda's store
Cracking the fortune cookies
In the living room
The game is presented in an episodic manner
A run in with the stewardess
The air marshal is transporting a prisoner
A wacky fashion designer
Lots of characters on this flight whose name starts with "D"
Outwitting the flight attendant
You can buy food, drink and medicine from the cat on-board the plane
Searching the plane for clues
Perfect QTE action
Returning the ball to the thrower
That's a knockout
Olivia is showing her true colors
Lightning struck the plane
Air travel quiz
Caught in the moment
A brilliant deduction
A fateful meeting
Amanda picked a strange place for a sleep... or maybe not seeing she's more feline than human
A memory of your wife
Drowning sorrows
List of suspects
Your wife's last words
Amanda isn't letting go of that ball
And it's a homerun
In the bedroom
Soft landing
Teaming up with Olivia
Found the flashlight
James Bond trivia
Buying the very expensive Dalmatian outfit set for Amanda
Olivia realised who you really are