Daemonica Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Main menu
Options menu
Help screen - Game controls
The gameplay starts here.
Conversations are not spoken, but they do have topics to choose from.
Inside your meager dwelling
Your diary keeps a good log of what you've learned and has the recipes for all learned potions.
Outside the local tavern - The Broken Jug
Make potions by clicking the number you want and then clicking on the top left red flasks.
Outside the monastery
The red 'X's show places you've been. Click on them to travel there. Handy.
You are here, in the Temple, to talk to someone who has died.
Attempting to call a soul out.
There are sword fights. Deciding when to defend and when to strike is the key to winning.
A bridge over a chasm
A dead zombie is a good zombie.
Pulling levers .. looks like an rpg rather than an adventure.
One of the only 'true' puzzles in the game in the Tile room.