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Damnation Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
One of the bad girls.
Luckily I'm wearing gloves...
No shooter is truly complete until it has a turret-sequence.
Spiritview shows all the enemies nearby even through walls.
I see you and that's why you will be dead in a second.
Remember: Don't fall off buildings.
BOOM goes the barrel and SQUISH goes the enemy.
Hey hottie - wanna ride with me?
Always jumping my name Mario or what?
Strange, naked, meleefighters.
THAT's what I call a bike!
Anyone remember the stake-gun from painkiller? *giggles*
With enough speed you can also defy gravity.
Your last goal is on top of that factory.
Team Deathmatch pits PSI and Peacemakers against each other.
Die, die, die already!
Lack of cover system is annoying
Damaged robot.