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The Dark Eye Credits

82 people (68 developers, 14 thanks)


Writer and Creative DirectorJames Russell Lees
Project Director and Co-ProducerDavid Nichols
Executive ProducerMichael Nash
Interface ProducerErik Loyer
Art DirectorRebekah Behrendt
3D SupervisorAlex Arko
Director of Software EngineeringBrock LaPorte
Line ProducerDavid Feldstein
Production Systems ManagerDavid Hutchins
Creative Development Co-ProducerMark Rance
IllustratorsRichard Downs, Bruce Heavin, Roger Mikasa, Joe Strasser
Digital ProductionDana D'Elia, Linda Emme, David Hutchins, Frank Hsu, Eric Nadler, Renato Regli (intern)
3D AnimatorAlex Arko
3D ModelersStephen Brinca, Edmund A. Kozin, Brian Speight, Dario Antonioni (intern)
Storyboard ArtistJoe Strasser
ResearchSusan Ricketts, André Bonzel
Software EngineeringBrock LaPorte (Lead Engineer), Max Bloch, Erik Loyer, Eric Nadler, Todd Papke
Production AssistanceJennifer Kemp, Leonardo Dabus
VoicesJack Angel, Ryan Cutrona, Roberta Farkas, Jennifer Hale, Jessica Hecht, Tom Kane, Robert Machray, David Purdham
Adaptations of Berenice, Cask of Amontillado, The Tell-Tale Heart, and original story Malevolence byJames Russell Lees
Annabel Lee byEdgar Allan Poe
Annabel Lee Read byWilliam S. Burroughs
Annabel Lee Illustration byPolly Becker
Annabel Lee Design byLinda Emme
Masque of the Red Death byEdgar Allan Poe
Masque of the Red Death Read byWilliam S. Burroughs
Masque of the Red Death Illustration byRichard Downs
Stop-Motion Animation ConsultantDoug Beswick
Director of PhotographyJim Aupperle
Stop-Motion AnimatorJoel Fletcher
Additional AnimatorDonald Waller
Costume DesignerAriel Jones
Production CoordinatorCraig Charnley
Character Head DesignsBruce Heavin
Puppet MakersCreative Character Engineering, Andy Clement, Bill Hunt, Darren Perks, Matt Singer
Miniatures & ConstructionJames Belohovek
Camera OperatorTom McCluskey
Music, Sound Design and Audio ProductionThomas Dolby
ComposersChuck Mitchell, Thomas Dolby, Blake Leyh
Sound EffectsBlake Leyh
Casting & Voice-over ProductionLaurence Faso
Audio EditingAlex Studer
Production ManagementMary Coller
Additional Audio EditingPhillip Cacayorin, Brian Franklin, Glenn Scott Lacey
Business ManagerAntonia Smithson
Project AccountantDavid Boss
TechnologistMark Wheaton
Editorial ConsultantCharles Payne
Package DesignWeiss Whitten Stagliano
Cover IllustrationBruce Heavin
Package Design CoordinatorMelissa Hertz
ThanksSarah Daley, Steve Cherneff, James Grauerholz, William Burroughs Communications, Donald Karl, Lynda Weinman, Jay Roth, Wendy Bozigian, Zax Dow
Special ThanksJohn Billock, Eric Levin, Jordan Rost, Paul Vidich, Jac Holzman

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