Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen and main menu (Russian version)
Intro: Gravelord Nito, the First of the Dead, one of the original four lords that fought against the dragons
Creating your character. Appearance is customizable in every detail.
The Northern Undead Asylum, a place where you start your journey
...And actually it's the first enemy you encounter
You died! (No matter how good you are at games you'll see these words a lot)
Cutting my way through the undead soldiers
Loot bodies for souls and items
Enemies use shields and parry doing extra damage
There are persons who are not hollow and will communicate - here's Solaire of Astora
The dragon on a bridge - a place of terror for many newbie players. Note the green glowing sphere behind the right undead soldier - it's where I died last time, I need to get those souls back
Options available at blacksmith Andre
Attempting to fight a Titanite Demon
When you die you become hollow and look like a rotten undead
Inventory, sorted left to right: items - titanite (ore used to upgrade weapons and armor) - keys and key items - magic scrolls - weapons and shields - arrows and bolts - armor - rings
I have regained human form at the bonfire
Fighting ghosts in New Londo Ruins. I am cursed (my health bar is halved).
Me, wearing Mask of the Child, practicing pyromancy in the necromancer's lair
Invaded by an NPC (Knight Kirk)
Summoned the phantom of Solaire of Astora to aid me in a bossfight
Hitting a poisonous Giant Mosquito with a fireball. Yeah...
Sometimes you will find entire armor sets on corpses
Stats screen (complex view)
Encountered a sorcerer in Darkroot Garden
A fight with Great Grey Wolf Sif, one of the game's iconic bosses
Using the Homeward Bone to travel swiftly to a bonfire
This giant drops exploding barrels - proceed with caution!
The magnificent Anor Londo
Eaten by a treasure chest! Actually, a mimic.
Oh, Chosen undead!
I have become a fire-breathing dragon! Well, almost...
Heavy melee fighter may send foes flying into the air
Using an item to sneak stealthily upon the knight
I have just rescued Dusk of Oolacile (exclusive to Prepare to Die Edition)
This twisted architecture reminds me of unbelievable structures from Pathologic
A moving and quite disgusting Bone Tower
Sanctuary Guardian - exclusive to Prepare to Die Edition
Inventory screen
Status screen showing my offensive and defensive parameters in details
Lava bites deadly, so I need to lure these beasts to a safe spot
When you offer certain items to covenants your rank in the covenant may increase, granting certain bonuses
There's an assortment of gestures to help you communicate with other players
Comparing sets of armor
Don't you cry / I look ugly yes I know / But this armor's high defense / Compensates my ugly looks
Weapon upgrade menu. Some really advanced upgrade options become available later in the game