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Dark Void Zero Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
We're back in 1987 it seems.
Main menu
Say hello to the Watchers
Here's our hero
Tesla tells us what to do.
Found a journal
The levels are full of these bubbles - Collect 100 of them and get an extra life
The map is needed to navigate through the levels.
A watcher soldier is patrolling this area.
This upgrade gives double rate of fire, but just for ten seconds.
Using the jet pack to reach higher ground.
This watcher got his own jet pack.
After losing a life, the player gets resurrected in one of these teleporters.
Hearts are needed to get extra health.
Using the pulverizor to blow up this door.
The player can't shoot through these walls but the enemies can. As that isn't enough, the player also takes damage from touching them.
Kill a watcher and one of these little thingies pop up.
Have to watch out for these explosive things.
Force fields like this one disables the jet pack. Here, the player can choose to move under the force field though. Sometimes that is not an option.
Large part of the game is finding the keycard to open up the next locked door.
A flying alien bug.