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Dark Void Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Meet William and his old love Ava
The boss-fights require a bit of brain to be mastered.
Well, I'm not Indiana Jones but the robot-snake is still scary.
Finally flying on of those UFOs myself.
All weapons can be upgraded.
That's the gate into the void.
Those guys can't be up to much good.
Stationary guns - every game (doesn't) needs them.
William can get in close to destroy enemy ships.
Am I flying up or down - or sideways? Hell, even I don't know anymore.
UFO fighting futuristic airplanes - that's cool.
I guess I blew your brains out.
Hidden journals give you more information about the island you're on.
Am I jumping down, or climbing up? I won't tell you...
The journals contain a good deal of text.
Again the question is: up, down or sideways?
The game doesn't use medpacks - instead the screen turns red and you eventually die.
Quick-Time-Events - no game is complete without them.
Climbing up, down or sideways while shooting robots is even MORE fun!
Yes, the game features a cover system - including blindfire!
Flying around with the jetpack through nice scenary.
Nikola Tesla is also in this world
Taking a kiss from Ava
These aliens may transmorph (in Russian)
Most of the rebels are hiding their faces behind gas masks...Why?
Nazi planes in this world (in Russian)
Talking with Atem, leader of Rebellion (in Russian)
Prophet knows more (in Russian)
Red Atmosphere resembles Mars
Will's close-up
Drinking vodka with Ava in one of the many flashbacks (in Russian)
Alien directs another spy
Three-headed dragon is one of your enemies
Air battle with dragon creature
Finding the gate to our world