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Darkened Skye Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

A close-up of Skye
Skye starts her adventure here
The inventory window
Controls menu
Make your spells here after you find more Skittles
Read Skye's notes often for clues
Not long after starting, Skye meets Drakk who becomes her companion
Early on, Skye's only defense is her staff. Just whack any monsters that come along.
Walk across red flowers for health. This screen also shows where items appear when found.
Skye will meet the strangest creatures! This one is a merchant.
This funny fellow gives Skye an important clue.
Blue flowers increase mana, although it goes up fairly quickly by itself.
Fighting off multiple monsters with the staff is hard
Find Merlin in Chap. 2 to learn what Skye's quest is really all about.
Another shot of Skye
Ever heard of a Forest Dragon?
Skye with her sidekick
Dorian pops in and out during the game. Is he a love interest for Skye?
A fisherman will trade a fish for his fishing pole
This NPC rides a fish!
In the Sky Pirate realm. Jump on pillows and flying carpets.