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Darkest Dungeon Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Brief intro: the narrator reflects upon his past misdeeds.
This disclaimer always pops up whenever you start the game. It's a bit overdramatic, but yes: weighing risk and recognizing when it's time to quit is an essential skill in DD.
Title screen!
The Hamlet aka your base.
Upgrading the guild and my Arbalest. All those golden shields cost me my spare kidney, so I only went for them because I knew they'd be useful.
Valar morghulis...
Tonight, we're off to fight one of the major aberrations left behind by our predecessor.

Notice the Darkest Dungeon is closed - it is because it hasn't been patched into the game yet.
But before we're out, let's have a look at one of our party's members. He's a daemonomaniac, alright.

We're also equipping him with a trusty eyepatch - the -1 speed can be offset easily.
Let's do this.

Yes, that's a dog.
First fight! Horrible monsters amid the filth, oh joy.
Dog power!
Mace power!!!
1 dmg power!

(It stuns enemies, so don't complain.)
An important thing: light levels, controlled by how many torches you're burning, influence many things. It doesn't have to be at full level always; "dark" parties are possible.
You'll learn to hate and kill ASAP enemies like this loony here. I'll tell you why next screenshot.
That's why: Stress, represented by the floating black numbers. It's way worse than health damage.
A few seconds later. Our anger was such that even beyond the grave he bleeds.
An heroic line, but too randomly generated to be much relevant. There's little danger in this fight.
Here's the inaugural crit of the screenshot session. Done by a mage-type character, no less.
Quincey contracted a... disease from our... pig enemy. Let's not go into details.
Or rather, let's. Ouch. It's quite nasty. Definitely worth the removal money later on.
Gathering ourselves. The blue ^s mean our guys are permanently buffed until the next resting, so it's no secret why Chandos has ramboed up.
Uh oh.
Uh oh!
Fortunately, Chandos has made up to his promise.
Ros shows her healing muscle as well. Rargh!
Many turns and cleavers to the head later, we've won. Quincey here is bashing Wilbur the Swine King's adjutant's head to a pulp. That is, after his boss had bit it too.
Post-pig loot. Heirlooms are used for upgrading the Hamlet.
Besides XP ("Resolve"), characters gain Traits after each mission. They're not always beneficial.
Let's get this horrible affliction off Quincey. Compared to Traits, which can be removed in the Treatment Ward above, diseases cost less to removed.
Random sheet viewing time! Look at this guy. He's a mess
Meet the Abomination. Unlike everybody else, he gets to use all of his skills in a mission - half of those in human form and half while transformed.
Let's raid the Weald. Notice the mission length. The longer it is, the more food and torches you'll have to bring.
Buying provisions. Logs are pre-set by the mission length; since we'll spend a long time in the dungeon, we get two of them - i.e., we can camp and buff up twice.
Already off to a good start. We can not eat, but it'll make us get hurt and stressed out.
A trap!
Yay! By surprising the enemy, we get guaranteed first strikes.
Puchot isn't very fond of these fungus dudes.
Indeed he isn't.
Not very fond at all.
You can also beat dudes up when not transformed. Not bad at all, as the chain attack is capable of stunning.
Blight is very much the poison of Darkest Dungeon. Unlike in many other games that make poison a minor nuisance, in DD it can be a game changer.
Removing this, ah, tentacled tree obstacle. Always bring ~2 shovels - you can clear obstacles with your bare hands, but it'll screw you up, holmes.
Too bad I don't use Lepers much. Can sell it for a nice amount of cash, though.
Adios amigos! In Darkest Dungeon, evil is omnipresent, watching you even as you return to your fickle, illusory reality.