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Back of Box - DOS (UK):
    Deep in the twilight of the Black Forest, you and your companions crouch before the robber-knight's tower. Hans the alchemist places a mysterious potion by the heavy oak door. Ebhard the monk implores Saint Dunstan to bless your weapons and armour. Gretchen and you unsheathe your broadswords ready to jump into the fray.

    With a thundering crash, the door explodes into fragments. You and your companions charge inside swinging swords and maces from side to side.

    Gerhard the Red Wolf, the infamous robber knight, waits for you surrounded by his evil henchmen. They are ready with weapons drawn. Suddenly, Hans tosses a choking potion into their faces, they reel from the effect and in that precious moment you race into them. The lonely tower, set deep within the vast Black Forest, echoes with the sound of clashing steel.

    Darklands. The first realistic fantasy role-playing game. By leading a band of adventurers across the sinister lands of 15th century Germany you'll encounter the real Middle Ages steeped in fear, myth and legend. Travel hundreds of miles, visit over ninety cities and watch savage battles unfold before your eyes!

    Your quest, or series of quests, may take you through raucous city streets, down deep dank mine shafts or into witches' covens in search of fame and fortune. So prepare yourself for the wonders and mysteries of Darklands!


    Improve each character's attributes and skills as the game progresses. No artificial character classes or levels!

    Learn alchemical formulas to make your own potions!

    Brilliant watercolour-style graphics bring to life the myths and mysteries of the Middle Ages!

    Easy-to-use and innovative menu presents you with unprecedented role-playing options.

    Characters fight in real-time animation! Freeze the action and give new orders to characters any time you wish!

    Contributed by Bullyt (550) on Apr 09, 2011.

MicroProse Entertainment Software Catalog (1992):
    Who says a fantasy role-playing game can't be realistic? Darklands places the player into a land of magic, intrigue and heroic adventure -- medieval Germany, depicted as Europeans at that time thought it to be: filled with sorcerers and witches, hypocritical clerics and religious powermongers, mysterious and potent artifacts, and endless opportunities for fame and fortune. A role-playing epic begins.

    Contributed by Zovni (10648) on Jul 02, 2001.

MPS FTP Site, original source unknown.:
    ********** DARKLANDS ********** HUNT VALLEY, MD _ MicroProse Software, Inc., famous worldwide for its high-quality entertaining simulations of combat and adventure, will release DARKLANDS, its first true fantasy role-playing game, this fall.

    Set in 15th Century Medieval Germany, DARKLANDS will be as realistic and challenging a simulation as previous MicroProse releases. "The common thread of all of our titles, from GUNSHIP to RAILROAD TYCOON, is that they have an intellectual core," said Arnold Hendrick, DARKLANDS' game designer. "DARKLANDS will be no different _ the problems and tasks the gamer will face are straight from the events and attitudes of Medieval Germany." 15th Century Germany was a time of violence and corruption and was an era with three Popes simultaneously in charge, powerless emperors, gangster nobles and venal clergymen. DARKLANDS recreates this period and emphasizes the beliefs of the time: witches worshipping the devil, people praying to saints to produce real miracles, alchemists turning lead into gold and dragons inhabiting caves.

    Players will explore a vast map of Germany with a party of four adventurers created from the likes of nobles, swordsmen, mercenaries, thieves, alchemists, monks and several more. Millions of different character types will be possible by choosing from 26 attributes and skills. The ultimate goal of the game will be to achieve fame and immortality on multiple quests, many of them simultaneous. Quests will be created by an "adventure generator" for endless replayability.

    DARKLANDS will be released for IBM-compatibles and will require 640K of RAM. The game will support AdLib, Roland, Tandy and IBM sounds, and EGA, MCGA/VGA and Tandy 16-color graphics. A hard disk will be required and a mouse recommended.

    MicroProse Software, Inc. designs and markets a full line of entertainment software for personal computers, Nintendo Entertainment Systems and coin operated arcade games. Its products are available nationally and internationally though major distributors, retailers and mass merchants. MicroProse also markets products developed by Paragon Software and Legend Entertainment. IBM and Tandy are registered trademarks of International Business Machines and Tandy Corporation, respectively. Ad Lib is a registered trademark of Ad Lib, Inc. Roland is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation.

    Contributed by Itay Shahar (1893) on Jun 07, 2001.

Advertisement in Computer Gaming World, June 1992:
    In Medieval Germany, reality is more horrifying than fantasy.

    Step back to 15th Century Germany - a feudal society in which the Emperor is powerless. Private wars among nobles are rampant. And men call on alchemy and saintly intercession to shield themselves from plague, witchcraft, and the swords of their enemies.

    Darklands’ sets computer role-playing back 500 years, as it plunges you into this authentic and sinister setting.

    To survive, and become the stuff of legend, you'll have to lead your heroic band against blood-thirsty robber knights, witches, dragons, and thieves.

    Each quest combines the other-worldly excitement and intense realism you can only get from MicroProse - the leader in simulation software.

    So look for Darklands where you buy computer games. Because this March, the Middle Ages return.

    Contributed by Belboz (6576) on Apr 25, 2001.

Unknown Source:
    Darklands is a Medieval Fantasy Role Playing Game set in Germany.

    Contributed by Brian Rubin (23) on Aug 30, 1999.