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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the actors' performances in the game (including voice acting). 3.9
AI How smart (or dumb) you perceive the game's artificial intelligence to be 3.1
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work (player controls, game action, interface, etc.) 3.7
Graphics The quality of the art, or the quality/speed of the drawing routines 4.0
Personal Slant How much you personally like the game, regardless of other attributes 3.8
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they're executed 3.9
Overall User Score (15 votes) 3.8

Critic Reviews

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100 (Apr 30, 2011)
The PC version of this game is very poorly optimized, even at the time of writing this review, which is a little insane. Even with a machine well above spec I couldn’t get this game to stop stuttering, crashing, and just basically being a giant pain in the neck. However, it definitely looks much better than the console versions. As for the game itself, Darksiders isn’t going to win any points for originality any time soon, and it definitely owes much of it’s pedigree to some hard working alumni that have come before it, but it’s a good game of it’s own right. Everything that is presented here is done so with very hard work, and a true attention to detail that make it hard to find enough room to say anything negative. It also makes it hard for me to have any deeper discussion of the game because it apes so many things… where you might expect subtext, there is no subtext, no hidden layers. In this case what’s there is simply there. Fortunately what’s there is pretty damn good.
90 (Sep 29, 2010)
Considerando inoltre la sostanziale mancanza di action game di rilievo su PC, Darksiders è da considerarsi la primissima scelta per chiunque fosse in cerca di un po' di sana azione. Insomma, nel caso in cui il personal computer rappresenti la vostra fonte primaria di intrattenimento videoludico, non c'è davvero alcun motivo per cui dovreste farvi scappare questo affascinante prodotto... sempre che non abbiate paura di vedervela con gli eserciti di Paradiso e Inferno, ovviamente.
90 (Sep 23, 2010)
Straordinario nella sua versione per console, Darksiders conferma le proprie qualità anche su PC, presentandosi in perfetta forma all'appuntamento grazie alla risoluzione maggiore e alla mancanza di tearing. Il gioco vanta un comparto tecnico e una direzione artistica di grande pregio, ma è soprattutto nella struttura e nel gameplay che si trovano i suoi punti di forza. Guerra affronta una miriade di avversari sempre più scaltri, può utilizzare tante armi differenti e acquistare potenziamenti attraverso un sistema davvero ben bilanciato e privo di particolari sbavature. All'interno di ogni scenario inoltre, il personaggio si trova a confrontarsi con enigmi dalla complessità crescente, in una festa di citazioni e omaggi che sembra non avere mai fine. L'ottimo sistema di controllo chiude il quadro di una realizzazione curata fin nei minimi particolari, un esercizio di game design che non può lasciare indifferenti.
AllRPG (Jan 10, 2011)
It’s the amalgam of all these disparate elements that make Darksiders a truly unique title despite all of it’s unoriginal material. You’ve never had a Zelda dungeon built like a massive Portal map. You’ve never seamlessly switched from weapon to weapon in Zelda, and you’ve never enjoyed exploring this much in a God of War game. It’s all of these new wrinkles on established gameplay mechanics that allow Darksiders to give a thoroughly enjoyable experience to the player. It all feels familiar and at the same time feels new, and that is something that really resonates with you as you go along.
90 (Sep 28, 2010)
En soignant aussi bien le fond que la forme, Vigil Games nous offre un pur chef-d'oeuvre d'action-aventure. Équilibré, rythmé, contemplatif, rageur, le titre fait naître moult sentiments tout en mélangeant les influences. Prince of Persia, God of War, Zelda, Portal, autant de modèles insufflant une énergie sans cesse renouvelée à Darksiders. Eclectique et homogène à la fois, poussant un peu plus le concept du "bigger, better, louder", ne se reposant jamais sur ses acquis, impressionnant à souhait, le jeu de THQ s'impose comme une étoile dans le ciel. En espérant que les joueurs suivent sa lumière qui devrait montrer la voie à d'éventuelles suites. On en frémit d'avance...
Brash Games (Mar 15, 2011)
On the whole, Darksiders is great fun and well worth the asking price. The game has a good few hours worth of play and can immerse you into the role of War with enough vigour without becoming too cheesy. A damn fine plot with some cool combat moves thrown into the fiery pit, with plenty of opportunity for an equally good sequel.
GameStar (Germany) (Aug 17, 2010)
Ich hatte Darksiders bereits auf der Konsole durchgespielt und hab’s nun auf dem PC mit Freuden noch mal getan. Dieses auf den ersten Blick recht unscheinbare Programm ist handwerklich so gut gemacht, hat ein so motivierendes Erfahrungspunkte-System, so spaßige Monstermetzeleien und eine so interessante Geschichte, dass man, ehe man es sich versieht, stundenlang daran festhängt - und das bei einer beachtlichen Spieldauer. Darksiders ist mein Singleplayer-Actionspiel des Jahres.
3D Juegos (Sep 22, 2010)
Darksiders desembarca en PC para reeditar su éxito en consolas como uno de los grandes lanzamientos de acción y aventuras que nos ha dejado el año. El juego mezcla con habilidad abundantes géneros, y consigue un conjunto brillante de rol, combates y rompecabezas que calará en el aficionado. Un videojuego de los de antes con tecnología de ahora, que no teme apostar por conceptos atípicos, controles complejos y un crisol de géneros para mostrarse genuino y con personalidad.
86 (Oct 11, 2010)
So is Darksiders worth spending your 49.99 Euros on? Well, you won’t go through it more than a couple of times, and that’s probably only going to happen if you’re keen on getting all of the achievements (the Steam achievements are exactly the same as their console counterparts). It is, however, a polished, entertaining product and while not a gaming milestone by any means, it represents a solid example of an AAA title, which delivers exactly what it promised.
Games Finder (May 14, 2014)
The setting in Darksiders is a nice change from the usual fantasy and lets you play as a non-human being for change. What will really draw you in though is the constant progression that keeps you finding new ways to do things.
Spazio Games (Sep 26, 2010)
In mezzo alla pletora di titoli action-adventure ampiamente pubblicizzati e riconoscibili, Darksiders ci ha stupito, oggi nella sua conversione PC così come all'inizio dell'anno su console. La sua spiccata componente adventure, il sistema di combattimento tutto sommato vario e appagante, gli ottimi puzzle ambientali che dovremo affrontare sul finire del gioco lo rendono un prodotto completo e caldamente consigliato, seppur non perfetto. Sarebbe stata infatti apprezzata un pizzico di originalità in più che avrebbe permesso allo sviluppatore Vigil Games di debuttare nel mondo dei videogiochi con un vero e proprio capolavoro, cosa che purtroppo, seppur di poco, Darksiders non è. La conversione PC rende onore al titolo originale, con evidenti passi avanti nel campo della fluidita generale e dalla mera resa visiva, anche se si sente la mancanza di qualche aggiunta per l'utenza PC che avrebbe quantomeno pareggiato la lunga attesa.
PC Games (Germany) (Sep 24, 2010)
Gut, über die erste, recht langweilige und stupide Spielstunde decken wir an dieser Stelle den Mantel des Schweigens. Alles, was danach kommt, motiviert jedoch durch den gelungenen Rätsel-Kämpfen-Erkunden-Mix zum Weiterspielen. Nach kurzer Zeit setzte bei mir der Sammeltrieb ein und ich ertappte mich dabei, wie ich bereits besuchte Levelbereiche nach Secrets abgraste. Kritik muss jedoch auch sein. Die Story lockt niemanden hinter dem Ofen hervor und die Charaktere haben so viel Profil wie ein 30 Jahre alter Autoreifen. Schade, da hätte ich Joe Madureira mehr zugetraut.
83 (Sep 21, 2010)
Respekt! Abgesehen von der verdammt langen Wartezeit, immerhin liegen gut neun Monate zwischen der Konsolen- und PC-Veröffentlichung, gibt es nicht wirklich viel an Kriegs Rechenknecht-Umsetzung zu kritisieren. Das Team von Vigil - und das ist in der heutigen Zeit leider keine Selbstverständlichkeit - hat Darksiders hinsichtlich Steuerung und Visualisierung vorbildlich auf PC-Tauglichkeit getrimmt. Natürlich werden einige weiterführende Grafikoptionen vermissen, die über Auflösung und V-Sync hinausgehen - zumal das zwar schwach, aber immer noch vorhandene Tearing den Nutzen dieser Funktion in Frage stellt. Doch sei es wie es ist: Ab sofort dürfen auch PC-Zocker alle Vor- und Nachteile dieses gelungenen Action-Adventures genießen. Und dazu gehören ein Finale mit Gänsehaut-Garantie, das auf dem Weg dorthin viele klassische Register zieht, diese aber zu einem harmonischen Ganzen zusammenführt, die es auf PCs in diese Form viel zu selten gibt.
Gaming Nexus (Oct 25, 2010)
Sure, you've seen it all somewhere before, but Darksiders manages to tie together just about every adventure-game idiom and make it all work.
GamesCollection (Feb 20, 2013)
DS non inventa niente (infatti, nell'articolo ho messo alcune delle fonti da cui ha preso ispirazione), ma nel suo essere "non originale", fa la sua più che adeguata figura regalando un gioco molto buono che vi sorprenderà in più di una occasione. Ormai, si trova anche a pochissimo (io l'ho pagato 5 euro) e vale sicuramente una prova!
Gamekult (Sep 24, 2010)
A défaut de réinventer la poudre, le périple vengeur de GUERRE s'inspire des nombreuses grandes références du patrimoine vidéoludique et les tourne à sa sauce pour faire vivre au joueur une expérience astucieuse, épique et violente qui ne pêche que sur un petit nombre d'aspects, comme l'affichage et la maniabilité occasionnellement pris en défaut. Le reste n'est qu'un très agréable trip mettant autant à contribution les réflexes guerriers que les méninges, deux atouts que l'on retrouve plutôt rarement réunis dans un seul titre. Si le jeu conserve les mêmes qualités que sur consoles, on aurait néanmoins apprécié une optimisation technique un peu plus poussée, histoire de se débarrasser des saccades et des ralentissements disgracieux, notamment. C'est balot.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Sep 29, 2010)
Vigil weet de goede elementen uit andere games tot een mooi geheel te mixen, maar maakt het soms wat te ingewikkeld.
Darksiders is a derivative but fun romp through post-apocalyptic Earth, with great graphics and sound and a cool story. A sequel has already been announced for 2013 that will feature multiplayer (all four Horsemen – well, three Horsemen and one Horsewoman – will be present). If it lives up to the standards set by Darksiders, I will definitely be looking forward to playing it.
Darksiders manages to be more than just a combat slog by offering an interesting story, a unique cast of characters, and a lively design that samples multiple genres. Save for a few questionable, unnecessarily tedious encounters, most of the problems I had were the result of the move from console to PC. While still a very good port, Darksiders does take some adjusting to; it's not very accommodating. A minor glitch and a crash were the least of my worries when put up against such a demanding control setup, which stretched the keyboard-and-mouse setup to its limit. Switching to a controller introduces new compatibility problems for those with non-Xbox 360 gamepads. However, once everything is setup, you will find an incredibly addictive, stylish, and varied action title the likes of which are hard to find on the PC these days. It's fortunate that of the few that have it the market in recent memory, one of them was Darksiders.
Bit-Tech (Oct 04, 2010)
If you think that you're up for a challenge that might not be the most original in terms of gameplay mechanics, combat and the like, then you can certainly do a lot worse than Darksiders. It's technically very competent, and while at its heart it’s a prettier version of the console version, it's definitely a great distraction from some of this year's other PC fare. It's not too short, nor long, and it offers an excellent Zelda-esque romp albeit one that skinned (or should that be flayed) in sizzling, peeling human flesh.
Atomic Gamer (Sep 30, 2010)
If you're looking for a fun, satisfying demon-stomping romp, you can do a hell of a lot worse than picking up Darksiders, and the PC version is the best way to play if you've got the setup to support it.
GameSpot (Sep 27, 2010)
While developer Vigil Games purloined most of its ideas from other games, it chose from the best of the best and mixed them into a package overloaded with variety and sensory pleasures. That overload manifests itself in Darksiders' convoluted controls, but the game introduces new mechanics so evenly that they won't often interfere with your demon-dicing satisfaction. The platform deserved more tender loving care in the way of graphics options (and a little additional content in the way of Devil May Cry 4 and Jade Empire wouldn't have hurt). Nevertheless, a great game is a great game, and Darksiders is a fun, flashy, and altogether entertaining look at the final clash between the pearly gates' platoons and the legions of the damned.
Gameswelt (Sep 27, 2010)
Darksiders war dank der an sich guten Mischung aus Rätseln und Action sicherlich kein schlechtes Konsolenspiel, doch gerade die Kampfpassagen brachten mit der Zeit eine Menge Langeweile. Und siehe da: Auf dem PC sieht das nicht anders aus - wie überraschend. Gute Arbeit haben die Entwickler bei der Portierung aber trotzdem geleistet. Die Grafik ist zwar nicht auf dem neuesten Stand der Technik, aber ansehnlich umgesetzt. Die Steuerung funktioniert dank der intelligenten Hilfen sowohl mit Maus und Tastatur als auch mit einem Controller sehr gut, bis auf ein paar kleine Umständlichkeiten. Alles in allem also eine gute PC-Version eines ebenfalls guten Spiels.
GameZone (Sep 27, 2010)
It’s a shame there was no bonus content to justify the eight-month long wait, but the excellent core game is kept intact, and is sure to entertain PC gamers, assuming they have a gamepad to play the game comfortably.
80 (Sep 27, 2010)
Darksiders deserves attention. As a new franchise it does so many things right and should find a place for itself in a massively crowded market. If War was a more engaging character and the combat more refined, Darksiders would stand as one of the contenders for game of the year. Even so, it's a highly entertaining, 15 hour plus adventure, with some gorgeous visuals, devilish puzzles and exciting action. Fingers crossed the sequel will build on this very impressive debut.
IGN (Sep 23, 2010)
Darksiders isn’t the type of title that often appears on PC, and for that reason alone it's worth a look. Vigil’s culled popular gameplay mechanics and puzzle elements from a variety of different titles and effectively combined them to create something with entertaining combat, rewarding exploration, and a satisfying progression as you uncover new items and abilities. A little bit more in terms of the video customization options would have been appreciated, and the blurry cut-scenes can be annoying considering how often they appear, but that shouldn’t deter you from checking this out if you missed it on consoles.
GameZ (Nov 09, 2010)
De pc-versie van Darksiders is geen geweldige port geworden. Het richten met de muis is onhandig en het bijna totale gebrek aan grafische opties is teleurstellend, zeker in combinatie met framedrops. Wel zijn we ontzettend blij met de mogelijkheid om de toetsen te configureren. De genoemde minpunten zijn gelukkig niet zo erg dat ze de kern van Darksiders aantasten. We hebben veel slechtere ports gezien, om het stinkende, opgezwollen lijk van Resident Evil 4 nog maar eens uit de sloot te trekken. Darksiders blijft een tof spel om te spelen en we wisten ons een dikke veertien uur te vermaken met het doormidden zagen van lamgeslagen demonen.
PCActu (Oct 11, 2010)
En signant une telle aventure, les développeurs de Vigil Games nous offrent une véritable petite pépite vidéoludique. Une réalisation aux petits oignons, des personnages secondaires attachants et un gameplay apportant une réelle variété, voici les ingrédients principaux de Darksiders. Toutefois, n'oublions pas que ce soft est disponible depuis neuf mois sur console et que son optimisation pour nos machines manque de peps. Quoi qu'il en soit, on prend un véritable plaisir à passer d'un environnement post-apocalyptique à un donjon, ou encore aux profondeurs glauques d'une rame de métro, le tout dans une cohérence admirable. Au final, le PC a enfin trouvé sa référence d'action/beat'em all.