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Darksiders Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title Screen
Main Menu
You might want to look back, grandpa.
An early peek at the game's colossal bosses.
Your best and only friend, the merchant.
Artifacts can be exchanged for souls, the game's currency.
Shopping. 600 souls for an improved move. Sounds fair.
He never did ask in the end.
Earth has been redecorated with exquisite style.
The many ways of the art: #1 Caress enemies with the Chaoseater.
The many ways of the art: #2 Jump on airborne enemies for maximum efficiency.
The many ways of the art: #3 Swing Scythe in a circular fashion to fascinate enemies.
The many ways of the art: #4 Shoot if unsure.
Always harden your spirit through prayers.
The Save/Load screen has a limited number of slots.
Only War and Inspector Gadget can perform this trick.
Fast travel map.