DARKSTAR: The Interactive Movie Credits


Written byJ. Allen Williams
Directed byJ. Allen Williams
Animated byJ. Allen Williams
Produced byJ. Allen Williams
The PlayersTrace Beaulieu (Ross Perryman), Michael Borich (Northstar Captain), Bill Brown (Billy Bob Brown), Alan Bryce (Sir Timothy Brisbane), Justin Clay (Ensign Solar Patrol), Libby Chappell (Lisa Hicks), Frank Conniff (Alan Burk / SIMON), David DeVol (Temporal Ghost), Valley Dawn Florez (Zoe Palmer), Tammy Grier (CoPilot Meatwagon), Lisa Hamaker (Solar Patrol Pilot Landry), Obie Harrup III (Solar Patrol Captain), Brad Hedrick (First Officer McIntyre), Joel Hodgson (Kane Cooper), Andrew Jared (Pilot SS Bridgebuilder), Roger Jared (Eagleburger), Yuji Kalnuma (Ensign SS Bridgebuilder), Brandon Linnebur (Purgatory II Inmate), David Logan (First Offer GSLL), Amber Marshall (Crewmember GSLL), Brian McElroy (Wing Commander Mitchell), Glen L. McElroy (Security Officer Solar Patrol), John McElroy (Ensign SS Bridgbuiler), Robert McElroy (Ensign Solar Patrol), Beez McKeever (Paige Palmer), Matt Miles (Frank), Paul Oakley (Warden Tom Carlson), Mary Jo Pehl (Captain Beth Ingram), Chris Perry (Crewmember GSLL), Jacob Petefish (Scorpion Pilots), Clive Robertson (Captain John O'Neil), Phil Secca (Northstar First Officer), Todd Smith (Rock Carnage), Rick Snelson (Charlie Davis), Woody P. Snow (Chuck Nordstrom), Bill Thomas (Navigator GSLL), Koji Uetake (Ensign SS Bridgebuilder), Aaron Wahlquist (Stewart), Kim Wahlquist (Pilot Meatwagon), Josh Elvis Weinstein (Captain Cedrick Stone), Ned Wilkinson (Solar Patrol First Officer), Margaret Noel Williams (MAGS), J. Allen Williams (Dean Wilder), Ruell Chappell (Purgatory II Inmate), Brad Hedrick (Purgatory II Inmate), Nick Sibley (Purgatory II Inmate), Brian Jared (Purgatory II Guard), Michael Borich (Purgatory II Guard)
The Voice PlayersTony Beason (News Announcer), Tess Masters (Scythe Ship's Voice), Rick Moore (Mars Armada Commander; Varios Characters), Mary Jo Pehl (Westwick Main), Bill Bruce (Varios Characters), Jimmy Pitts (Varios Characters), Dan Engler (Varios Characters), Christina King (Varios Characters), Claudia Simon (Varios Characters), Todd Smith (Varios Characters)
Narrated byPeter Graves
Co‑ProducedMark Walters
Cinematography byRoger Jared
Electronic Media produced byDahlia Clark
Score composed byBill Bruce, Jimmy Pitts
with additional music byJ. Allen Williams, Ruell Chappell, James Dillard, Brent Frazier
2nd Unit DPBrett Piper
Documentary Camera Operator (Atlanta)Ron McAdams
AC3 Master 5:1 Audio MixWilliam Bruce
Sound Effects EditingJ. Allen Williams, Jimmy Pitts, Bill Bruce
Wardrobe Design DivaBeez McKeever (Beez)
Prop and Set DesignJ. Allen Williams
Makeup ArtistsValley Dawn Florez, Dara Heinzman, Beez McKeever
2nd Unit AnimatorRichard V. Corben
2nd Unit Set DesignerRichard V. Corben
Storyboard / Conceptual ArtistsJ. Allen Williams, Richard V. Corben
Pyrotechnic PhotographyMovie Effects Studio [Sylmar; CA], Detonation Films [Simi Valley; CA]
Media DevelopmentDahlia Clark, Simon Clark, Matt Veenstra, Brad Hedrick, David Ferrell
Custom Software DevelopmentiShell by Tribal Media
VR Technical ConsultantBrad Hedrick
Post EditingJ. Allen Williams
Animation Consultant and CGI Tech SupportJim Lammers (Trinity Animation; Kansas City)
Still PhotographyMark Wright, Roger Jared, Michael Borich, Amanda Buckley
Stock PhotographyDreamstime
AVP and Parallax Studio Stage ManagerChris Perry
Laurel Canyon Stage ManagerHenry Rodriguez
LightingChris Perry, Brett Piper, Larry Gries, Craig Kauffman, Roger Jared
Additional Lighting EquipmentAssociated Theatrical Contractors
CastingJ. Allen Williams
Production AssistantMelissa Garner
Script ConsultantMelissa Garner
Talent AgencyThe Williams Morris Agency [Hollywood; CA]
Voiceover and ADR RecordingAppleton Sound Studio [Springfield; MO], Pacific Ocean Post [Santa Monica; CA], Ruell Chappell Music [Springfield; MO], JARED Productions [Springfield; MO], Rubin McKeever [Neath Wales; UK], Jimmy Pitts Studio [Springfield; MO]
POP Audio EngineersStephen Dickson, Jeff Britt, Erich Netherton
HD Digital Video MasteringKelly Mohan (at Blink Digital; Santa Monica; CA)
Location Sound / Boom OperatorsRuell Chappell, William Bruce
LegalShawn Foust, Sheppard; Mullin; Richter & Hampton LLP [Los Angeles; CA]
Teleprompter OperatorJim Wunderle
Travel ArrangementsThe Travel Group
Official Website Management & DevelopmentDan Satterfield (Fusion Web Development)
Internet / Social Network Promotions ManagerBradley Ross
AccomodationsExtended Stay America [Springfield; MO], Walnut Street Bed & Breakfast [Springfield; MO], The Rookery [London], Hazlitt's [London]
Craft ServicesSt. Louis Bread Company
Limosine ServiceJoey Riley Limosine Service
Green Screen SoundstagesLaurel Canyon Soundstages [Arieta CA], Associated Video Producers and Jared Productions [Springfield; MO]
MusiciansBill Bruce (Electric & Accoustic Guitars), Jimmy Pitts (Piano; Keyboards & Synthesizers), J. Allen Williams (Bass Guitar & Keyboards), James Dillard (Drums & Percussion), Brent Frazier (Electric & Accoustic Guitars), Ruell Chappell (Piano; Keyboards & Synthesizers)
Concerto for two Violins in D Minor, BWV 1043Johann Sebastian Bach (composed by), Performed by the Moscow International Philharmonic, Konstantin Krimetz (conducted by)
The Blue Danube WaltzJohann Strauss II (composed by), Performed by Unique Radio Symphony Orchestra, Gabriel Romanin (conducted by)
AcknowledgementsOur friends & fans on Facebook, Ed Lanchantin, Emanuel Wall, The Williams Morris Agency, Forrest J. Ackerman, Frank Gamble, Dona Corben, Christina King, Rese Hall, Steve Ross, Fred Ridenour, Stephen Padmore, Chris Peterson (at Bangolia), Sebastian Grünwald, Uger Sener, Stefan Wohner, Agustín Cordes, Bill Corbett, Kelly Vick, SyFy, Etta Kay Walker, Susan Williams, David Wright, Doug Wright, John Bickerton (at Unique Tracks), Laura Guy (at Dolby Laboratories), Boris Vallejo, Julie Vallejo, Andy Cheren (at Production Road), Emelia Earhart (the estate of), Pegi Cecconi, Lex Nakashima, Les Claypool, Mary Claypool, Tiffany Hartsell, D. J. Fox, Kate Klise, Brian Henry, Eric Hansen, James Pomeranz, Annick Strauven, Norma Carty, John Patuto, Ed Stenger, Eric Seastrand, Brooke Slavik, Todd Jacobs, Barb Tebben, Dylan Brown, Cooper Brown, Austin, Matthew, Ian, Morgan, Chance, Maggie, Newt, and all of our school teachers worldwide
ForBill; Libby and Peter

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