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Day of Defeat Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The "Main" main menu
Team selection screen
Axis weapon selection screen
Several HUD modifications can be spotted...
You must capture these flags in order to further expand your territory, thus leading to victory.
Three of my team mates died. I hope that I won't end up like them...
Yeah sure... I ain't that lucky...
If killed, you will see a spectating screen, in which you can see what your remaining team mates are doing.
The game also features a separate minimap for a better view of the battlefield.
I always liked sniper weapons :)
The guy to the right will ultimately place himself in front of my scope.
The pistol can be considered a useful weapon if handled with "care".
In addition to other HL mods, this game features a stamina bar, which gets depleted unfairly fast...
Allies weapon selection screen
I don't think this tank will ever move again...
Waiting for the prey.
If an enemy inflicted a critical hit on you, the screen will go red for a short while.
Death from above
The classic ww2 weapon > the bazooka :D
The main menu available while playing.
Configuration options
Game server selection can be customized using these filters
Connected to a server, this is the welcome message