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Daytona USA Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The title screen
Mode selection
Selecting from the three available tracks
Selecting one of the two initially-available cars
The other available car
On the Beginner track, you begin with a rolling start.
The Beginner track, on the default view
The cockpit view; shall we turn in for a pitstop?
Pulling in for a pitstop
A glorious, err, victory (ahem)
Passing a car on the Intermediate track -- notice the "radar" in the upper right
Though a messy desk may be a sigh of genius, a crumpled hood is *not* the sign of a good driver.
About to begin the Expert race
Keep to the left at the beginning of the Expert track, or you may find yourself wasting time with an accidental pitstop!
Another scenic view
The Expert track is set up like a city freeway system.
The scenery is not only colorful but varied; here we have a sailing ship in harbor.
The Expert track has some VERY sharp turns.