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Whether or not Off the Record is a good idea is a pretty difficult question to answer. If you enjoyed Dead Rising 2, then Off the Record is much of the same with a few new weapons, missions, a new environment, and the return of the camera system from the first game. The time limit-free sandbox mode is a welcome addition to the series and one I hope they carry into the inevitable Dead Rising 3. However, if the wacky story, forgettable cast of characters, and repetitive gameplay are starting to wear out their welcome, than Off the Record might not be worth it for you. It's tough shaking the feeling that this game offers little to make it worthwhile to anyone who played the second game, but if you're itching for some more gory zombie action, then Off the Record shouldn't disappoint.
Multiplayer.it (Oct 17, 2011)
Valutare un prodotto come Dead Rising 2: Off the Record non è affatto semplice. Agli occhi di chi ancora non si era cimentato con il secondo episodio della serie, infatti, la nuova avventura con protagonista un Frank West "vissuto" (ma sempre pronto a menar le mani) apparirà probabilmente anche migliore della versione con Chuck Greene, vuoi per il fatto di ritrovare lo stesso personaggio del gioco originale, vuoi per la presenza di qualche elemento in più e del Sandbox Mode, vuoi per il prezzo di vendita più basso. Quelli che invece hanno portato a termine Dead Rising 2, pur apprezzandolo, difficilmente troveranno dei validi motivi per acquistare questa reinterpretazione: la storia è la stessa, i boss anche e le modalità aggiuntive non rappresentano questa aggiunta spettacolare in cui magari si sperava. Il voto numerico va dunque inteso come una via di mezzo fra le due posizioni.
Random Access (Dec 30, 2014)
As a whole, I much prefer Off The Record to its canonical counterpart because it brings back Frank West (along with his ceaseless quips about everything) and has a larger selection of weapons and features. This game also has its own unique psychopaths to find and defeat, one of which is an interesting reversal of a character who you should be very familiar with if you follow the series. The appeal that Off The Record has is based on its references and nods to previous games in the franchise while having the added benefit of tweaks and changes based on critic and user feedback. While its writing is at times pretty poor and the game itself feels like a string of events rather than a coherent narrative, it is still heaps of fun to play and I very much wanted to find out the truth behind what was happening. Certainly not the cash-in it looks like from a certain distance, and worth playing if you enjoyed either of the first two games.
Cheat Happens (Nov 06, 2011)
In the last year, Capcom has kind of gone Dead Rising crazy, releasing no less than four different titles in the series. Off the Record could have easily been the entry that jumped the shark, the one that fans realized they just didn't care anymore - but it's not. Sure, it's not completely original, but thanks to a few tweaks and new modes, this is the definitive Dead Rising experience and a great starting point for those who have yet to experience it.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Oct 28, 2011)
Capcom probeert eruit te halen wat er (nog) inzit. Off the Record is weliswaar een slim koopje wanneer je de Dead Rising reeks nog niet kent, maar de zombieveteranen weten wel beter.
Giant Bomb (Oct 12, 2011)
Off the Record strikes me as a strange product. There are a lot of reasons to fondly remember Frank West, and it's fun to see him back in action here, even if he's put on a few. But the way this game depicts Frank going through nearly the same story you've seen before sort of cheapens the existence of the original Dead Rising 2. Video games are such a blatantly sequel-driven medium that I'm genuinely impressed any time a franchise makes a move as bold as replacing its protagonist, and moreover, Chuck Greene was a likable guy who did a respectable job with the whole reluctant-hero thing. Off the Record almost feels like it's giving up and saying, "OK, fine, here's that original guy you were so attached to." What this game means for a possible third Dead Rising remains to be seen, but at present, your interest in Off the Record should be directly dictated by how much Dead Rising 2 you've already played, and how much more you're still eager to play now.

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