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85 (Jul 30, 2017)
Les développeurs de chez Rocket Cat Games ont pris des risques en détournant autant les codes du jeu de survie, et en voyant le résultat final, on ne peut que leur tirer notre chapeau. Death Road to Canada est un simulateur de roadtrip zombifique rafraichissant, à l'ambiance excellente et délirante, qui charmera tous ceux qui en avaient assez de jouer aux mêmes jeux de zombie depuis longtemps.
Only Single Player (Jul 22, 2016)
Of course, due the game’s random nature, you may very well do everything right, only to have the cruel hammer of fate deliver you unto a slow, starving trip in Death Road to Canada, or pair you up with a couple of insufferable jerks that will backstab you at the earliest sign of trouble. This is definitely a game that one can master, but hardly a game where one can aim for perfect runs. As such, if you want to truly enjoy it, you should embrace its random heart and pace yourself.
Destructoid (Aug 12, 2016)
And that's why they call it Death Road to Canada. It can be too harsh for its own good, and folks who are tired of roguelikes will struggle to embrace that part of the design, but it's still one of the better road-trip games I've played thanks to its cheerful personality, amusing writing, and all-around charm.
Throw some supplies into a duffle bag, find a map to Canada, and hop in the van folks, because the zombie masses of Death Road to Canada are coming for you, and getting eaten alive was never so much fun.
Brash Games (Jul 30, 2016)
The randomness of Death Road to Canada may put off some, the difficulty can spike instantly and whilst you could have done everything right up until this point, the game is unforgiving in its punishment and to some that may seem incredibly frustrating. Though for many this game will prove to be a game that takes up a lot of time with its replayability, remembering to embrace the randomness and the games jittering pace.
Kill Screen (Aug 22, 2016)
Death Road to Canada tells many small slapstick stories that end the same way. When it comes out on iOS it’ll be best situated for capsulated playthroughs and short mirthy smirks thanks to the low stakes. The joy in it, as in writing directionless poetry, is in the process rather than the explication. It doesn’t exactly crack open the full literary potential of randomly-generated story beats, but it does use it to an enjoyable-enough cutesy effect, which is pages more than most flarfy corpses have ever achieved.
60 (Oct 20, 2016)
Death Road to Canada nabízí zajímavou dávku akce, kombinované s textovou adventurou a survival hrou. Bohužel přestává po čase bavit a dojíždí na nedostatek zajímavého obsahu.