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Deathmatch Classic Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main menu
Nice title screen
The original marines are now various Half-Life characters. Seen here is G-Man
It sure looks like Quake
Took this guy out with the Classic Shotgun
Grenade Launcher!
Machine Gun Carnage!
Invisible Power Up
How nostalgic
Close Quarters with the Crowbar which replaces the Axe from the original Quake
Double Kill with the Rocket Launcher and Quad Damage Power Up
Game Over. I think I did well :)
And now...we wait.
Swimming underwater
Lightning Gun in Action
Honestly, I did not expect to find a server room
Health Kits
And it just wouldn't be an authentic remake without crazy custom maps. Mod within a Mod.
After thousands of years they finally decide to settle the score
Nailed Him
What a mess
This map is directly modelled after one of the early Single Player stages from Quake