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Deer Avenger Credits (Windows)

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Deer Avenger Credits


Based on a Concept byJeffrey Siegel
Executive ProducerJeffrey Siegel
Written byBrian McCann
Voices byBrian McCann, John Glaser, Brian Stack, Judy Bowman
Audio EngineerPaul Fowlie


ProducerMichael Taramykin
Art DirectorJason M. Shenkman
ProgrammersThomas L. Kirchner, Michael Robert Hausman
Character AnimatorsJason Vaughn, Scott Quick
2D ArtistsAnthony Pereira, Robert Santiago, Peter Sfat
3D ArtistsMarc Tattersall, Jason M. Shenkman


Vice PresidentsGilles Dana, Jeffrey Siegel, Walter W. J. Walker
PublisherGilles Dana
Creative DirectorJeffrey Siegel
Director of MarketingWalter W. J. Walker
Public RelationsPeter Binazeski
Art DirectorSusan Daulton
DesignerDavid S. Rheinhardt
Production ManagerSusanne Colten
Managing EditorSusanne Colten
Thanks to All the Other Deer AvengersElizabeth J. Braswell, Kenneth Gordon, Dewanda Howard, Peter von Schlossberg, Diane Strack, Nicole Cox, Jennifer Weidman


General Manager, Cendant/Simon & Schuster Joint VentureSue Kisla
Cendant SoftwareNargess Fassih, Michael Belanger
Cendant ProducerRay Swan
Quality Assurance ManagementIan Colquhoun, Dennis Kopp
Lead Quality Assurance AnalystChris Rooker
Quality Assurance AnalystsGary Mahan, Alex Chavira, Tom Thomas, Rey Castillo, Brandon Norton

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Credits for this game were contributed by Depeche Mike (17560)