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Deer Avenger Reviews (Windows)

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My only complaint with Deer Avenger is I wish there were more areas to hunt in and more weapons to choose from. Overall though, you have to give credit to Avenger for originality and a non-stop fun factor. This game will appeal to gamers of all ages and interests. If you're looking for a good way to vent some frustration, and at the same time have a barrel of laughs, check this one out. It's a real winner.
In its misguided effort to poke some lighthearted (and much-deserved) fun at PC hunting titles, Deer Avenger ends up being more tasteless than most of the games it's parodying. Theoretically, it might make a good gag gift -- except for the fact that the game is so bad, the person receiving it might get angry at you. Better to give it to someone you don't like.
GameBlitz (1998)
Ho hum. Sure it sounds like it might be fun, but after a few minutes of the same lame gags being repeated ad nauseum Deer Avenger slides further and further into the mire. You track the hunters through a map, which is basically hit and miss, then go to the area indicated and look for the shooters in the woods. The graphics are quite good and the sound okay, but nothing beats good gameplay and Deer Avenger lacks it in the extreme.
Die einzige Daseinsberechtigung für dieses Spiel liegt darin, daß es eine Parodie ist. Verschenken Sie dieses Spiel auf einer Party an Jagdgegner oder frustrierte Förstergattinen, verbuchen Sie mit Sicherheit einen Heiterkeitserfolg. Mehr aber auch nicht.
This game embraces everything wrong with hunting sims and tosses in some agonizingly no-good pubescent gags. Although there is nothing wrong with satire, in this case, it fails to entertain. Pixelated graphics and nonexistent thrills are bad enough when playing a legitimate game; enduring the same to listen to cheap gags is absurd. Deer Avenger is not a game — it’s a punch line, and not a very good one at that.
PC Gaming World (Jun, 1999)
Spoofing the lack of action, chronic visuals and fundamentally poor gameplay of Deer Hunter-style games gives an end result that is - not surprisingly - just as tedious as the game it apes. It might be forgivable if Deer Avenger contained an ounce of wit but the best you get is the odd amusing hunting call ('Help! I'm naked and I have pizza!') and a fart button for entertainment. That's subtlety for you. At least Natural Fawn Killers could raise a black-humoured laugh or two. Deer Avenger, on the other hand, is just inane.