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Deer Hunter II: The Hunt Continues Credits

19 people


Producer, Game DesignAnthony Campiti
Programming Manager, ProgrammingMichael Root
ProgrammingJames Boer, David Eaton, Ben Fulton, Jason Duncan, Daniel Edwards, Dan Goodman, Charles Pitzer
Programming, TestingFred Franzwa
Map DesignRobert Travis
Art Manager, ArtistDavid Manuel
ArtistMike Buck, Keith Self-Ballard, Ryan Butts
Product Manager, WizardWorksPeter Armstrong
Project Manager, WizardWorksChris Boxmeyer
Marketing Manager, WizardWorksNicole Yolitz Armstrong
Creative Director, WizardWorksRobert J. Bussey

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Credits for this game were contributed by Alturis (71)

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