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Delaware St. John: Volume 2: The Town with No Name Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main game screen
Story selection
Introduction: Delaware St. John is doing all the hard work at the book store.
He discovers an unknown and abandoned town in the middle of the woods.
Title screen
In the beginning, you get to explore a part of the town. The rest is played indoors.
Well hello there...
Breaking in through the window.
This is the first clue as to what has happened in the movie theatre.
The owner is not a friendly guy, even as a ghost.
Opening this cash register is harder than it looks.
A spooky locker
You need to help solve the crossword puzzle.
Sister Helena is responsible for much of the mischief in town.
Dialogue options, a rare occurrence in a Delaware St. John game.
The projector room
You get to play an arcade game!
Playing Animal Hunter 3D - a game of maths rather than reflexes.
A sinister discovery in the basement.
First story completed, on to the next.
Letters reveal more about the events but also about Delaware St. John's past.
A colouring puzzle
A girl in here needs some help.
Exploring the library.
The spell that caused all evil.
Sister Helena chases you with an axe.