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GamingBolt (Dec 23, 2013)
Dementium 2 HD is a solid transition and will do well in fooling anybody unaware of its Nintendo DS background, into believing it's an original PC game with the exception of its watered down graphics.
Gaming Shogun (Dec 26, 2013)
Dementium II HD is a terrific trip into the creepy world of insanity and all the horrors that come with it. It’s nice to see a combining of survival horror with first person shooting so you can decide to run or stand your ground against the nastiness you encounter. The puzzles are decent, the atmosphere is creepy and gory you never know what surprise waits for you around the corner, though if you listen carefully you might get a hint. It’s nice to be revisiting the Dementium world, especially at a time of year when most people think of Santa instead of creeps like Krampus.
RealGamerNewz (Jan 11, 2014)
While occasionally suffering from slow or generic gameplay, Dementium II is a fun experience worth the purchase and if you like a game with some jump scares and a crazy out-of-this-world story, this is the game for you. I wouldn’t recommend it to anyone under 16 due to its imagery being pretty creepy but if you know an old-school Doom fan, this is their game. Dementium II HD earns its bronze game distinction.
Dementium II comes as a bit of a disappointment. While a lack of competitors made this a standout horror title on the DS, all of its flaws and shortcoming become magnified tenfold when it makes its way to a platform with a surplus of great horror titles. As a huge fan of the horror genre, there was just barely enough here that I could justify a purchase if I found it for the right price, and early portions of the game were enough to draw me in even if the final payoff was lacking. It certainly has its moments, and the core shooting mechanics work well enough, but it’s a short, bare bones sort of experience, doing just enough to move you forward but not enough to be worth remembering afterwards. The good news is I will at least remember it this time, albeit as the game that was so forgettable I forgot about it until halfway through my second playthrough.
GameSpot (Jan 14, 2014)
Three years ago, splashed across the DS's dual screens, Dementium II--and even the game that spawned it three years prior--was a novelty, a dedicated first-person survival horror experience exclusive to a platform that didn't offer anything else like it. Brought to the current gen and blown up on the big screen, though, this cult classic is left gasping for air in a sea swimming with bigger, better competition, both classic (Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth) and contemporary (Outlast) If you've exhausted Steam's survival horror library, Dementium II HD will scratch your genre itch. Unfortunately, that itch has already been rubbed raw by much better games.
40 (Dec 27, 2013)
Dementium II non era un survival horror da strapparsi i capelli, ma aveva l'enorme merito di sdoganare un genere difficile su di una console portatile dove non sembrava proprio esserci spazio per quel tipo di produzioni. La versione PC mantiene intatto il gameplay originale, semplice ma coinvolgente, e una struttura che ricorda molto i primi Silent Hill, con le mappe da esplorare e i due piani della realtà su cui spostarsi per raggiungere zone altrimenti inaccessibili. Purtroppo il lavoro di "rimasterizzazione" è assolutamente pessimo, definire la grafica "datata" è poco, ci sono un bel po' di bug anche gravi e grosse mancanze sotto il profilo dell'ottimizzazione. Elementi che ci impediscono di consigliarvi l'acquisto, da rimandare magari a quando il gioco costerà pochi spiccioli e tenendo ben presenti i suoi limiti.
Slant (Jan 08, 2014)
Many of this game's issues were easier to swallow on the DS, where the novelty of such a game made portable forgave a myriad of mechanical issues, but even there it wasn't very good. Despite the HD upgrade on the PC, the graphics are still hopelessly behind the times and everything about it feels outdated by about a decade. If anyone was to actually play Dementium II HD, comparisons would invariably be made to the other 2013 asylum-set, first-person horror experience, the disappointing Outlast, which despite falling short in its final act features an opening hour representing one of the best, most intense, and immersive gameplay experiences of the entire year. Dementium II HD doesn't belong in the same sentence as this game.

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