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Des Blood 3 Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Here you can view all the sex scenes you have watched. Nothing to see yet, though...
Choose your girl... uh... the difficulty level.
Kelly thinks she is Solid Snake.
Fighting some goons in the harbor.
I like standing on the peer, watching the dark waters merge with the sky above Tokyo...
You have found a health pack near a wall.
22th century cars don't look much different from what we have now...
At the police headquarters
Talking to your boss.
Alicia is viewing the desolate street.
Fighting (and killing) some mutant dogs underground.
This is your inventory screen.
The soldiers can shoot at you from a distance, so it's necessary to side-step.
Villain girls traditionally have big breasts. You can skip the cut scene (like any other in the game), but why would you want to do that?
The evil corporation's sinister corridors
Our heroes talk on the way to the baddies.
Target the helicopter, and press the left mouse button to fire.
Your friends do the driving, but you should steer the car left and right to avoid getting hit by the helicopters.
That's it. Game Over
What should we do after we have finished submitting Des Blood 3 screenshots to MobyGames, baby?
Alicia attends a party.
Enemy soldiers appear out of nowhere.
Cruise around and shoot the helicopters. Don't worry, you have plenty of armor.
Don't move, or I won't wear those kinky panties any more!
The gallery is more dangerous than it looks.
The heavily armored dudes can take a lot of damage. And they can electrocute you, too.