Des Blood 4: Lost Alone Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Our heroine, Esk
Some scenes begin with a CG.
Your first goal is to escape the spaceship!
Inventory and equipment screen
Riding an elevator.
Turn back by clicking the right mouse button.
Esk will automatically climb or jump.
Cute Game Over screen, featuring Fei, Esk's pet.
Try not to walk into the fires.
Meet the antagonists.
Our hero Cifer appears in a pre-rendered cut-scene.
That's how Cifer looks in-game, talking to Esk.
A dungeon on Mars
Fighting enemy soldiers.
Found an item!
Wow, this place looks... scary.
Finishing off the enemy.
Mysterious view...
Fighting some robotic enemies.
A boss battle against two flying guys
Even villains have romantic relationship in this game!
A CG picture before the interactive sex scene
An interactive sex scene begins. Touch the girl in different ways to raise her pleasure meter (at the bottom).
The animation is quite amazing.
In between our evil plans, we have some time for love!
Esk and Cifer enter a Martian city.
In a tavern
Esk is exploring the city.
Buying weapons.
Playing three-cards poker at the casino
You fight three bosses at the same time
In front of the awe-inspiring Martian temple. Be sure to buy supplies from that girl!
Playing as Cifer, in a futuristic city on Mars
This is a rail-shooter part. Try to move your vehicle out of the sand worm's way, and then shoot at it
And you thought crawling through vents wasn't fun! You can just relax and watch that neat little... map. And what did you think?
Our heroine in panties