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Desperados: Wanted Dead or Alive Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
(Intro) Mexican bandits robbing the train.
John Cooper (you), hired to tame some wild outlaws.
Targeting practice - first level will teach you the basics.
It takes a thief to catch a thief. Although, we're not familiar with John's past, hehe.
Using mini map, you can see hidden foes.
When Sanchez the outlaw joins your party, you'll be able to slaughter entire garrison with mounted minigun he can use.
You can try being stealthy, or just plin simple try blood and guts routine.
When you arrive in town, it's good to see if you can find a friend or two, and not only enemies.
On this boat, you'll have to save a good looking woman that is as good at poker as she looks ;))
When everything goes as planned, you'll usually ride outta town and get back on your way.
Sight-visions varies from green to red colors, like with street lights, and it shows wether a certain enemy spotted you.
Some gringos that are sleeping around, you can kick just in case they don't wake up. You can actually literally kick them to death.
In the circus
A Man being hanged
I see you let's sneak while they are sleeping
a bonfire at night
This village looks like a fort
An ambush!
Map zoomed out to give you more visibility.
Chinese girl finding an alternate route in a rainstorm.
Quickly pulling the trigger is not so precise so it may take a few attempts to get the results.
Caramba, with that machine gun noone will be safe in these mines.
A well guarded underground lake, just one step from El Diablo's lair.
Surprised while sleeping, now it's time to teach them it's not wise to wake certain people.
Mexican bandits just happen to populate the canyon I'm passing through.
Breaking into marshall's office.
Sneak around the stable, run quickly then jump on the horse, take four on the left and six on the right... yup, that should do.
Both yankees and bandits are shooting at each other, yet you have to balance their strength in order to pass through.
Zoomed in on the dance ploy while you're robbing the safe.
Doc has little problems
Brain storm to rescue Kate
Trains journey
Sneaking - total failure