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Advertising Blurbs

Steam Store Description:
    Welcome to the world of running dead.

    The game is based on running dead model. In the game, you will play as a blind girl who lost her eye sight by accident. To recover her sight, she has to join in the desperate game.

    There are ninety-nine players in the game, but only one winner for the champion, who survives till the end of the game.

    In the game, will you take the weapons and indulges yourself in the killing spree? Or use your wisdom and ensure your survival?

    The choice is yours.

    Special Ability

    All the players in the game have their own special ability, but they don’t know what others are capable of. You need to speculate the special abilities of other people via the game content , and obtain key information by using your ability smartly and defeat them.

    Skill Improvement

    The special ability you have will be upgraded, when you kill one player each time. The higher level you have, the stronger ability you will obtain. Other player will dare not challenge you when you have stronger ability.

    Item Collection

    You could collect items in the game, which will determine the way you use weapons at crucial moment.If you want to use pistol handsomely? Please get enough bullets first.

    Multiple Endings

    The ending is determined by your attribution preference and the favorability of other roles in the game. Enjoy the fantastic game experience whether you choose to love or hate the two heroes, or fight your way out alone.

    Contributed by Kam1Kaz3NL77 (177561) on Feb 20, 2018.