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Destroyer Command Credits

71 people (59 developers, 12 thanks)

Ultimation Inc.

DirectorTroy D. Heere
EngineersDavid L. Bringhurst, Stephen L. Cox, Scott Daley, Darrel Dearing, Dave Farquharson, Dave Foster
Art DirectorSteven Fischer
ArtistsLincoln Barr, Daniel L. Guerra, David Twist, Sy West
MediaBrian Tuohy
Associate ProducerMark Kundinger
Den MotherBev Tuohy
Campaign DesignMichael Bennighof
ScriptGuy Usario
Manual WriterGuy Usario
MusicEric Heberling
Voice RecordingCharles de Vries Multimedia
Audio EngineeringAl Johnson
Technical AssistanceAl Tilley, Robert Karras (Capt.)
Special ThanksThe staff of the USS Kidd and Nautical Center, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Larry Bond, Chris Carlson

SSI/Ubi Soft Entertainment, S.A.

ProducerShawn Storc
Executive ProducerCarl C. Norman
QA LeadMarcus Fish
TestersThadd Abernathy, Erik Andreassen, Elizabeth Gordon, Dustin Hendricks, Jason Leek, Tyler Ludlow, Kyle Minchokovich, Ness Salonga, Derek Williams
External TestersJohn Bendel, Frank Kulick, Naval Warfare Simulations Team, Gordon J. Shenkle, Ray Hayden, Ed Kettler, Neal Stevens, Bill Waldheim

Ubi Soft Montreal

QA ManagerÉric Tremblay
QA LeadBenoît Gagnon
TestersMartin Asnong, Patrick Dufort, Maxime Faucher, Louis-Philippe Brissette, Martin Tavernier, Jo-Ashley Robert
Installation ProgrammerDeirdra Hendricks
International CoordinationAlexis Godard, Anne Blondel-Jouin
Localization ManagerCoralie Martin
Content ManagerFabrice Pierre-Élien
VP Product DevelopmentBret Berry
Marketing ManagerTena Lawry
PR ManagerKaren Conroe
Web Development/SupportKerry Branter
Special ThanksFernando Cuervo, Douglas Reilly, Sarah Taylor, Matthew Wagner, Subsim Review, Wolfpack League, Eagle League

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Credits for this game were contributed by Kabushi (257603)

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