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93 (Mar 02, 2002)
Destroyer Command is an intense game. The intense part is not the combat itself, but rather, waiting for a combat sequence to happen. There can be many game hours that go by with nothing but ocean, but, only ten real minutes can go by. But, when combat situations start, be in for a rough ride. During a strafing run of the Healy, I actually found myself ducking down below my monitor. Like that would do any good for me, eh?
GameZone (Mar 01, 2002)
I believe that a niche of WWII naval sim gamers will find this game simply awesome. Where the game lacks in eye candy, more than makes up in strategy re-playability, and realism. The new feature of taking your destroyers against those u-boat strategist of Silent Hunter 2 will make this title a must have for any Naval combat sim enthusiast.
Subsim (2002)
There is a lot of fun to be had with playing Destroyer Command. Running through the ranks of a convoy at night searching for the U-boat that just torpedoed two of your merchants, or fighting off a wave of Zeroes with a Yamamoto class BB raining 18-inch shells around you could make you forget the shortcomings. Destroyer Command is alone in its class even if it does fall short of what we expected.
PC Zone Benelux (May, 2002)
Als je tegelijkertijd torpedo's wilt afschieten, de goede kant op wilt varen en controleren of je bevriende schepen nog heel zijn, dan heb je een probleem. Maar als je dit probleem als een uitdaging ziet, dan is Destroyer Command een aanrader.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Apr 29, 2002)
Enkel de diehard liefhebbers van het genre zullen zich over Destroyer Command kunnen verheugen...
70 (Apr 15, 2002)
Destroyer Command ist taktischer, abstrakter, weniger hübsch und schlechter zugänglich als Silent Hunter II. Für Einsteiger ist es daher weniger geeignet. Erfahrene Simulanten, die vor allem auf die inneren Werte schauen, dürfen zugreifen.
GamersMark (Feb 21, 2002)
The year is 1942, America is at war with the world. Your role is commander of a fleet of destroyers. If hunting Sub’s and shooting down enemy aircraft is your bag. Ubi Soft has something for you. However, If your the average Fluffy chair computer game freak, you may not notice the time and effort put into this overall well crafted simulation.
62 (Sep 13, 2002)
This review has two parts. In Part One, I’ll be talking about the history, starting with Silent Hunter I. Those looking for the actual review of Destroyer Command can jump to Part Two.
The class of the Destroyer Command development team is shown by their dedication of the release to the memories of the crew members lost aboard the Russian submarine Kursk, the U.S. Navy destroyer USS Cole, and the many victims of the attacks on 9/11. Despite this offering’s versatility in station command along with a wide range of authentic ship models and weapons systems, the significant AI deficiencies, minor bugs, and the unavailability of the unique interoperability with Silent Hunter II creates rough waters. In the end, however, those of us craving battle at sea cannot afford to pass this one up despite its significant flaws.
60 (Apr 04, 2002)
Un titre qui se destine aux fans du genre et à ceux qui ont fortement accroché avec Silent Hunter 2. Les deux titres sont très proches d'ailleurs tellement proches qu'ils sont compatibles grâce à un patch permettant d'organiser des affrontements entre les U-Boats de l'un et la flotte de surface de l'autre.
60 (Jun 01, 2006)
Le monde de la simulation navale sur PC ne date pas d’hier : les plus anciens se souviennent sûrement de la mythique série des Harpoon, dont le premier opus était sorti en 1989. Depuis cette époque, les titres se sont succédés et Ultimation Inc. (partenaire de SSI) a su s’imposer comme le studio de référence en la matière, avec des jeux comme Silent Hunter et Silent Hunter II. Ils récidivent aujourd’hui avec Destroyer Command, qui espère bien apporter un souffle nouveau sur un genre encore très largement boudé par le grand public, en misant notamment sur un mode multijoueurs révolutionnaire. Pari tenu ?
IGN (Mar 05, 2002)
Occasionally you play a game whose problems confuse more than frustrate. In Destroyer Command you get both. The ideas behind the game are relatively solid but the actual construction of the game is woefully weak. There are far too many little errors for this to be enjoyable by all but the most fanatical elements of the community. And while I like good sims, I dislike missing functionality even more.
Svenska PC Gamer (May, 2002)
Det är onekligen en kul idé att spela mot ubåtar i multiplayer, men skillnaden mellan detta spel och Silent Hunter 2 är att då det förra var ett spännande äventyr känns Destroyer Command mer som att gå till ett småtrist jobb dag efter dag. Om du alltid har älskat Andra världskrigets jagare är det här helt klart spelet för dig. För oss vanliga dödliga är det bara att leta vidare, eller fortsätta spela Silent Hunter 2.
52 (Feb 17, 2002)
Just recently received this one in the mail, and while it's a new computer game for a genre long past, this WWII naval simulator doesn't strike me as an incredibly enjoyable experience. Frankly, this isn't a great game for war, simulation, or history buffs; and for the average gamer I'd have to recommend a pass. The essence of the game is based around the Great Naval Battle simulation series – that the company SSI used to produce and publish – but this one doesn't quite meet the standard.
50 (Apr 15, 2002)
Silent Hunter 2 sorgte trotz der biederen Aufmachung für spannende U-Boot-Gefechte. Stattdessen verbreitet Destroyer Command konsequente Langeweile zum Vollpreis. Zwar sind die Missionen halbwegs interessant gestaltet und mit passendem historischem Ambiente aufgewertet. Trotzdem schafft es das Spiel dank miserabler Grafik und wenig Abwechslung während der Gefechte zu enttäuschen. Die unterschiedlichen Stationen mit all den umfangreichen Optionen suggerieren einen hohen Grad an Realismus, aber man benötigt viel zu viel Zeit um überhaupt mit der Steuerung vertraut zu werden - zur Belohnung winken unspektakuläre Seegefechte. Als Add-On wäre sicher eine höhere Wertung möglich gewesen...
Armchair Empire, The (Mar 09, 2002)
When you load up a game for the first time and it crashes within a few minutes you start to rethink your purchase. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea. Second plan of attack: try loading it on a different computer (if you have one). Ten minutes in on computer #2 and another crash. Reboot and check if you still have the receipt. Game runs for 2 hours then encounters some kind of error – crashes to desktop. I spend a good chunk of time trying to track down the problem – running diagnostics, defragging the hard drive, updating drivers, etc. Finally get computer #2 to run the game without crashing unexpectedly. (Computer #1 still crashes.) Whenever I lull myself into believing that PC games have achieved plug-and-play, along comes a game like Destroyer Command (DC).
GameStar (Germany) (Apr, 2002)
Irgendwie kann ich gar nicht glauben, dass an Silent Hunter 2 und Destroyer Command dasselbe Entwicklerteam gesessen hat. Während das U-Boot-Spiel superspannend ist, sind die Zerstörereinsätze gähnend langweilig. Manchmal wurde ich während einer gesamten Mission kein einziges Mal angegriffen. Außerdem hätte das Team die Biedergrafik dringend überarbeiten müssen. Als Addon für Silent Hunter 2 würde Destroyer Command noch durchgehen. Für ein Vollpreisspiel bietet Ubi Softs Zerstörersimulation aber deutlich zu wenig.
Joystick (French) (Apr, 2002)
Tout d'abord, un petit message nous prévient, juste après l'installation, que ce jeu ne sera pas supporté sur les plates-formes Windows 2002, Windows NT et Windows XP. Certains développeurs moins inspirés que les autres doivent certainement avoir une armée de nécromanciens à leur service chargée de ressuciter les gameplays mort depuis dix mille ans. Ainsi, Silent Hunter 2 et Destroyer Command vont pouvoir s'unir lors d'une relation contre-nature en réseau pour nous donner quelque chose du cru de l'antique Wolfpack, qui proposait la même chose mais en hot seat. Contrairement à Silent Hunter II, Destroyer Command n'offre pas un gameplay inoubliable : on perd toute la dimension "cache-cache" du premier sauf, justement, lorsqu'on affronte un sous-marin en réseau. Pour couronner le tout, la version testée était particulièrement instable, même sous 98. C'est d'autant plus navrant qu'en attendant le prochain Harpoon, les bons jeux de combat naval 3D ou non manquent cruellement.
PC Games (Germany) (May 16, 2002)
Zwar haben die Simulations-Experten von Ultimation die Schiffssysteme akkurat umgesetzt - Sie spüren per Radar und Sonar nach gegnerischen Zielen, geben den Kurs vor, richten die Bordkanonen aus, feuern Torpedosalven ab und klemmen sich hinters Flakgeschütz; - die wichtigste Station allerdings ist die Seekarte, auf der Sie Abfangkurse vorgeben, Ausweichrouten austüfteln oder Hinterhalte legen. Dort genügt schon ein simpler Klick, und Ihre Jungs tuckern automatisch zum Ziel oder eröffnen das Feuer. Auf der Karte sieht das wenig spektakulär aus. Blaue und rote Quadrate schippern kreuz und quer durchs blaue Meer und beharken sich mit Rechtecken. Spätestens im vierten der immer gleichen Einsätze wird das langweilig.
Crash bugs are sprinkled throughout the game, and a missing file renders the vessel ID utility useless. A horrendous bug in the Atlantic campaign can prevent you from getting credit even it you succeed and return in port. Enemy and friendly Al is oddly inconsistent. Ships attack effectively in one mission and collide with each other in the next. All of these problems betray a ship-or-be-damned attitude, which is really too bad. Destroyer Command has the elements of a good naval simulation, an uncommon genre with a small but loyal following. They deserved better than a boxed beta.
If you really love World War II naval combat and have a very high degree of patience, then maybe take a look at Destroyer Command. Just be sure to check for patches on a regular basis. Everyone else should pass on this one.
The many glitches and errors in the game are glaring, and paying full-price will leave a bad taste. Even though a patch is available, it fixes none of the major problems, and makes you wonder what purpose it serves. The designers even skimp on the historical battles of World War II, which would have made the game a bit more tolerable. Nearly any discerning gamer will be hard pressed to cull any enjoyment from this simulation disaster.
GameSpot (Mar 01, 2002)
The state of Destroyer Command cannot be attributed to oversight or inexperience. This is a blatant and insulting instance of a game released too early to the detriment of the people who buy it. If you're thinking of being one of those people, at least wait to see if Ultimation and Ubi Soft get around to finishing it. Otherwise, you might as well just find your dog, kick her, and throw $40 in the trash.