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Detective Agency 2: The Bankers Wife Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Creating new player
Main menu
Game options
Introduction sequence
Arriving at your office
Carter Burton, the banker, asking you to locate his missing wife
Getting your smartphone from your safe
Your office
Area map
Each area name gets displayed when you first enter
Verifying you got the right address
Talking to the maid
Key arranging puzzle
Reading a letter from Carter
Using the hint will highlight the missing object of your choice
Need to turn off the light before you can take the bulb off
Connecting the light to the greenhouse
Match puzzle
Searching the greenhouse
Match the sum in all the lines
A bit of distraction so I can snoop around the hotel reception desk
Looking for the right stamp patern
Rearranging the keys
Visiting the art gallery
Pot arrangement puzzle
Portrait jigsaw puzzle
Your journalist friend may have some leads on the case
Even making a phone call requires a puzzle to be solved
Setting the right order of the continents
Found a document inside the globe
Searching the right color pattern
Erasing the pencil marks to see the hidden text underneath
Train ride
Visiting Mr. Brock's house, ex-husband of the woman you're looking
Gotta move some boxes before I can move the car
Moving tires from left to right
This dog won't let me check the area
Someone made the mess looking for something
Found the keys
Visiting Martin Low
That's quite a detour for one station distance
Investigating the crash site
This does not look like an accident
Navigating a maze
Searching Martin residence for clues
Guessing the planet combination to open the case
Pair matching mini-game
Inquiring about the duplicate keys
Navigating a train
Spotting the difference between a photo and an actual place