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Detective Barbie: The Mystery Of The Carnival Caper! Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

This screen is displayed at the start of the game. It stays on screen while a voice sets the scene
The game documentation has this listed as a feature. The game 'knows' 50,000 names. Type it in and click on the speaker icon to hear the name spoken. I looked but Moby wasn't there
With our name entered we now enter a cut scene. ken is missing, its our first big case
Time to explore the carnival for clues
Clues are found by using the magnifying glass and exploring the screen. Here a footprint has been found. The crime computer, lower right, has lit up indicating the clue has been logged
The crime computer. Here's where clues are stored. It's also where game saves, loads are done
An in game mini game. Ride the jet ski around and around jumping over the ramps
All the locations are colourful and have subtle clues - like the big red downward pointing arrow over the trap door
Another clue found.
Barbie is below the stage. This is where Ken must have gone. Should be some clues here.
It's not all exploring - there are characters to interact with. This is the magician, magicianess?, who made Ken disappear
The game save feature automatically supplies a name, date & time stamp. Just these slots to save in though