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Deus Ex: Invisible War Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

The menu page features JC's stylized logo
Intro: a futuristic terrorist strikes!
Archers Office
Basketball court
Vera Maxwell
Invisible War is a dark sci-fi game. By that, I mean it lacks light. This is a well lit area at the default settings. All subsequent shots have been retouched
There are no configuration options for the HUD. If you don't like it, your only choice is to reduce its opacity until you can't see it
The simplified inventory screen
As with the original Deus Ex, you'll spend a lot of time exhausting talk trees to learn the story
The RPG and skill development aspects of Deus Ex are replaced with five biomod slots that have three options each for enhancement
"Multiple solutions to every problem" often boils down to "Hack the defenses or crawl through a vent"
A sniper shot to the head still remains one of the best "multiple solutions"
Today on Home Makeover, we're going to spruce up this living room by adding some plants, an electric eye network, and a gun turret
Most characters from the first game get at least a passing mention if not a full part in Invisible War
It may be useful to find a map of the area until you get more familiar
During some conversations, you will be offered different answers that may change the situation
You may find yourself listening to holographs as much as with NPCs (the light circle is from the gun you're holding, helps you see your target better since all is so dark)
Using multitool to bypass the barrier code
Checking up what's new in the local bar
Sometimes, when high enough, you may see the city around you, nice view, but out of your reach for sure
Those order fellas sure like their churches dark and gloomy...
Receiving a briefing via holo-vid
An holo-kiosk featuring famed popstar NG Resonance, she can be a source of good information...
Citizens in Cairo have to deal with extreme pollution.
What's that, punk?? You trying to mug me??
Ooops! Things got ugly!
Attending class with the girls...
Welcome to Trier, Germany
News terminals around the world contribute to bringing the game world to life
Stealth upgrades ensure this poor seeker receives an unexpected end.
Your former classmate, Klara, returns with some distressing news
Aerial transportation is the only way to get from location to location.
It's JC!!
Yowza! Looks like I'll need more than my energy blade to get past this flame turret
Back in Liberty Island
Yayyy! Parteeeyy!!
Will you hire him as a pilot ?