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Written by  :  Open_Sights (468)
Written on  :  Mar 07, 2010
Platform  :  Windows
Rating  :  5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars5 Stars

5 out of 9 people found this review helpful

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Games don't get any better than this

The Good

The freedom to make your own choices

Great music

Even some minor actions may affect the plot

The Bad

The engine isn't used to its full extent

The Bottom Line

There are just a few names in the universe of games that carry so much power as this gem. A lot of people just loved Deus Ex, others think it was much ado for nothing, but there is not a single computer games fan that back in 2000 haven't heard a single passionated opinion about this.

In Deus Ex you are a CJ Denton, an agent that works for the United Nations Anti-Terrorist Coalition. The game is a successful mix of an adventure, RPG and first person action. From the first seconds you can choose your appearance and skills, and after been directed for your first assignment, your modus operandi will start affecting the game. You can choose to blast your way in, or try a low-profile solution. Each challenge has more than on way to deal with: will you lockpick the door or try to open it with electronics? Will you hack the computer defenses to turn them against your foes or simple try to discover a side way? Again the option is yours. In this game you have the a lot freedom, but some decisions lead to a different way, so you will also have to deal with theirs consequences.

Meanwhile, you are presented to a marvellous plot. There is tons of information around, that make your understanding of this new world a lot easier, even the non-related quotations are interesting, since they help to create an unique environment.

You feel the moral consequences of your actions too, and you will be pleased to see theirs results even when they direct don't affect the story.You'll really care about this world and will work hard to achieve whatever solution fits you best, until coming to one of the endings.

In the action department, you will be well served too. There is a good selection of weapons, and some mods may change them a bit, giving a better range or making them silent, for example. And as the space in your inventory is limited, you'll have to choose what suits you best. The nanotechnology will give you interesting options too. The enemies react to sounds and may try to chase you. Definitely don't let them seeing a dead or unconscious body as they will run for the alarm.

The graphics are average, but there is a lot of scenery and even thought the game only takes place at night, sometimes you will be caught only staring at the surroundings. The music is great, and you probably will stop some time just to hear the music too. As there is no relevant glitches or bugs, playing the game for hours won't be difficult, and since the game overall is so great, even by today's standards, it will be most likely one of the greatest playing experience you will have for a long time. So don't wait any longer, and do yourself a favor, buying this game.

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