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Deus Ex Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
The short, terse intro sets the stage for a complex futuristic conspiracy
Character creation. Invest points into different skills
The New York cityscape
It's just the Statue of Liberty without her head, atmospheric street lamps, and me shooting rockets around. My Mommy recommended this
JC receives his assignment from Anna Navarre early in the game
Shooting TNT boxes to take out a couple terrorists
Stacking up things to help JC get over a fence
Your tricked-out cyborg friend, Gunther
Nice reflections!..
Dead meat...
You can play basketball (in a makeshift sort of way)
Hell's Kitchen, New York. I'm walking around with a cheesy glowing sword. Have nothing better to do this fall
Yes, I created the smoke with the tricky device I'm holding in my hand. And yes, I bought every single item from both vending machines - you can see them stacked
There is a wealth of information in this game - books, logs, what not. Here, you hack a computer terminal and read people's e-mails
Your inventory, with a variety of items and descriptions
Different parts of your body have separate hit points
You'll collect quite a few images during the course of the game. You can view them here. And yes, you can change menu and interface colors, didn't you know?
Excuse me, sir, did you order a dead body? I brought one to a park in New York, with a tacky violet interface
New York subway
Outside of the (Hil)ton hotel
This is the Hilton hotel? Man, they must have lowered their standards... I even used this little device to let some poisonous gas in, that's how appalled I am!
Fancy reflections in a first-class suite on a plane! And I'm holding a grenade launcher
It's the market in Hong-Kong! Hey, I'm holding this knife to help the butcher, all right?..
Your biomods - nano augmentations that give you the edge in exploration and combat
One-time use bazooka is very effective weapon against enemy bots, but occupies way too much space for its usage.
Our hero, JC Denton, admires himself in a mirror while at a nightclub
Sometimes the riot officers fall in, ah, er... interesting positions when you kill them
Two bums talk about the plague in a clinic
Your quartermaster is a grizzled old veteran
You are being shot to pieces!
You are dead. You have failed...
Nothing is sacred in the future!..
Getting secrets from some of your informants, the Mole People
NSF terrorist on fire! Napalm is good
Using a multitool to bypass a security pad
A particular creepy message
Some dialogues offer such choices
Trying to unlock a store gate with a lockpick! But somebody is shooting at me!..
A wonderful feature - getting experience points for exploration! And yes, I like changing interface colors - the game looks more lively this way!..
I don't know why I'm carrying this pan. Maybe fry some meat... Hopefully not the sailor I just killed
I always wanted to steer a ship in stylish purple! But looks like someone has noticed me...
Yes, I'm familiar with this animal! Hi there! You are the first person I meet here in Paris!..
The Catacombs of Paris - a cool location. The game is full of interesting information - Tracer Tong here gives you a lecture
Nearing the last several stages of this long game. It's me against a robot in this heavily guarded facility! Use EMP grenades!..
Yes, you can swim underwater, but be careful! This is a BABY Karkian - I wonder what an adult Karkian looks like?..
Oh, shut up, Bob! I don't care for your stupid megalomaniac plans! Can't you see I'm being fried by those pesky metallic spiders here?..
One of the game's final locations. The monsters are eating a human corpse... Meanwhile, I skillfully employ camouflage
Swimming with guns and enemies
New York - underground tavern