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Dexter's Laboratory: Science Ain't Fair Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

After all the developer and publisher logos have been displayed the player gets to see the game's title screen
The game's menu is a picture of Dexter's Laboratory in which there are several hotspots. Currently Dexter's about to activate the jukebox.
The Jukebox. Here The player can select the game's background music
The bump on the floor opens the Diversionary Entertainment Centre and gives access to four mini games.
The mini game selection screen. The player has immediate access to all these games whereas in the main game levels are only unlocked when the previous level has been completed
The Bug Attack! mini game. These are computer bugs and the object is to zap a target number, here it's 67, before time runs out
The Light Cycles mini game. The player plays as Dexter and has the green cycle. Only the left/right arrow keys are needed here but the cycle also responds to the left/right mouse buttons
Dee Dee won the Light Cycles game
Dexter won the next Light Cycle game
The Monkey Clone game. Monkeys try to steal the batteries and must be shot, meanwhile Dee Dee floats overhead and launches missiles
The 'Game Over' screen for the Monkey Clone mini game. Dexter failed to achieve the required score.
The fourth mini game is about spying on Mandark's lab. It's not really a game as such, Dexter takes pictures which can later be printed - and that's it
In addition to printing pictures of Mandark's lab from the mini game there's a Print Studio option that'a accessed from the main menu
The game customisation screen
This is the main game screen. The different parts / levels are only available when the previous level has been completed.
Game 1 is about flying a mini Dexter around the kitchen collecting parts of the missing blueprints. Here Dexter has both failed to avoid a hazard or deploy his shield
Game 1 is about flying a mini Dexter around the kitchen collecting parts of the missing blueprints. It doesn't look very blue in this screenshot but that's a missing piece up ahead.
The game's exit screen.