Diablo II: Lord of Destruction Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Scene from the intro.
LOD's title screen, featuring the two new character classes
Main Menu
After defeating Diablo, Tyrael will open you gate to follow Baal.
New town, new NPCs, and new quests.
With base to everything owed already, this time we can see much more details that help to build the atmosphere.
First mission is to get to the catapults and disable them from throwing poisonous cannonballs.
If you're continuing with old character, you'll have to extend it, but then you won't be able to play "Diablo II" with the same one, so keep your character safe on the double.
Two more classes are added to this expansion set, assassins and druids.
Very often you'll hav to visit local blacksmith to repair and/or sell your equippment.
Don't ever let monsters surround you. Thus, good thing is to wait them on the bridge where only one by one can pass ;))
A campfire... which means bestiaries are nearby.
Helping one of the barbarian warriors.
Destroying a catapult is a fine achievement, even in 8-bit color scheme.
Demon-a-womano fight against the general of siege bestiaries.
Getting a quest log... doesn't usually end with fireworks ;))
Waypoints work still the same way as in "Diablo II".
Frigid Highlands
Rescuing prisoners.
Portals to hell lead only to collect some items, but are not necessary for the game's plot.
Battling monsters near the ruins of destroyed castles and fortifications.
Checking your quest logs just b4 entering the cave.
Inside an ice cave... looks so empty, until it's too late 2 run.
In this add-on, you can play in 800x600 resolution.
Attack skill shrine will make you never miss your target for a certain period of time.
No matter the similarity of some places, Blizzard made a whole set of different mosters to battle with, not one will be familiar to you.
A very nice effect achieved by sticking a static shot as a part of a background, while grounds where you're walking are moving accordingly.
Before the battle
After they are beaten
Battling Baal's minions. Now these will be the only monsters in the game you'll be familiar from original "Diablo II". But come in huge masses, so watch it!
You get new powerful rune words after installing the latest patch.
We are now in the Halls of Anguish, searching for Nihlathak.
Status / inventory screen for your hireling.
Daily routine on Battle.net: Players are waiting for someone to open a portal to do the next "Baal-run".
The Druid possesses shape-shifting skills, which allow him to transform into a Werewolf or Werebear. Below you can see a summoned Grizzly, a powerful minion.
This time we get to see Baal in his true form
A calm before the storm
Time to silence these catapults
Almost clear with the siege army
It's a bad move to bring a whip to fight a halberd
Fighting feathery creatures in the cavern
This looks like a trap
No demon worshiping on my watch
Another evil soul obliterated
You can name your special weapons
Yetis are approaching
Baal's final stand
Baal has been defeated, Tyreal can do the rest