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Fight the addiction Unicorn Lynx (181445) 3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars3.71 Stars
A much-improved version of the hack n' slash classic that was Diablo. Droog (522) 4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars4.29 Stars
More of the same, and that can be both good or bad... Timotei Centea (6) 4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars4.43 Stars
"" (in a good way) MadCat (61) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
Mostly fun, strangely addictive MA17 (260) unrated
Simple Pleasures Ghost (130) unrated
Quake in an RP nutshell... Kartanym (12706) 4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars4 Stars
The interest faded all too quickly. Geoff Cruttwell (8) 2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars2.57 Stars
The mind suck master of computer addictiveness - just like its predecessor... Colin Rowsell (45) unrated
Some GREAT cinematics hint at a storyline that's absent throughout most of the Hack 'm Slash simplicity. Shoddyan (14410) unrated

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Category Description User Score
Acting The quality of the voice or video acting. 4.0
AI The quality of the game's intelligence, usually for the behavior of opponents. 3.4
Gameplay How well the game mechanics work and the game plays. 4.1
Graphics The visual quality of the game 3.9
Personal Slant A personal rating of the game, regardless of other attributes 4.0
Sound / Music The quality of the sound effects and/or music composition 4.1
Story / Presentation The main creative ideas in the game and how well they are executed. This rating is used for every game except compilations and special editions which don't have unique game content not available in a standalone game or DLC. 3.9
Overall User Score (304 votes) 3.9

Critic Reviews

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It's never going to win over players who'll only play a game with PS2-quality 3D graphics, a plot at least halfway to Half-Life, pant-cacking scares or chin-scratching strategy and puzzles. But that's their loss. Despite missing all those qualities it still has the most important ingredient of all - it's wicked fun.
Old PC Gaming (Apr 27, 2014)
In any case, this is just something I've experienced while playing in SP several times - bosses are a major pain, with or without hired swords, and you die often. In every other respect, this is a fantastic game. The gameplay is there, the interface is perfect, the character classes are balanced, the story is good, the sound and music are phenomenal. For every right reason, Diablo 2 is a classic game
incite PC Gaming (Aug, 2000)
Is Diablo II worth the three-year wait? Without a doubt, the answer is "Hell yes!" Despite a few niggling points, we have little trouble saying it's an early contender for being the best game of 2000. But consider yourself warned: You might want to say goodbye to your significant other now. Your free time is about to go in flames.
Diablo II, however, still earns five GiN Gems for its ability to easily capture gamers and non-gamers alike, and take them through an exciting and highly addictive Dungeons-and-Dragons-like world. The ability to host a game, where you and a bunch of your friends can all play together, also makes this game worth the price of admission. Now, if I only had five gems for my Diablo II character I would be set! Nothing another 20 hours of play won't fix.
To say that the sequel to Blizzard's runaway 1996 hit has been greatly anticipated is to indulge in wild understatement. Credited with literally saving the RPG genre with its simple, addictive hack-and-slash gameplay, Diablo made a pile of money and became an instant classic.
Thunderbolt Games (Oct 22, 2004)
Diablo II is one of those games that people seem to adore with a fierce passion or just not get at all. Indeed after roughly twenty-five hours of playing it obsessively I suddenly stopped and said to myself "what AM I doing? After all this time, WHAT have I achieved?" and for many people that will be the point they exit, uninstall the game and never bother with it again. But for many more people like myself the sheer enjoyment of building a character and seeing one's hard work payoff later down the line is what keeps us playing, and the reason why, even so many years after its initial 2000 release so many people are still playing Diablo II.
GameSurge (Jul, 2000)
It took Blizzard years to make this game, this probably having been their longest game in development yet. After being delayed several times from it's original release date, originally set for Christmas 1998, we finally have the game, even though it's now Summer 2000. During it's long duration of development, Diablo II received more hype than probably any other game ever has, and why not, as the original Diablo was a major hit, selling more than two million copies worldwide. But the big question that's on every fan's mind is... can Blizzard pull it off again, and deliver us a fun and unique RPG, that is an instant classic?
Freak (2000)
בין שאתם חובבי אקשר ובין שאתם חובבי משחקי-תפקידים, אם אתם מתכוונים לרכוש משחק אחד השנה, דיאבלו 2 צריך להיות הבחירה הברורה שלכם. והוא שווה כל אגורה.
Gamer's Pulse (Jul 24, 2000)
Given all the disappointments in the gaming world of late, it was hard to maintain my optimism and enthusiasm for Diablo II. I was wrong to not do so. I should know better and trusted Blizzard. They have never steered me wrong yet and with Diablo II they have shown that they are the premiere developer out there. Kudos to the Diablo II team, you survived the hype, the delays and the jinx and produced a solid contender for Game of the Year. If you have never played Diablo, buy this game, if you have, then for God’s sake what are you waiting for. Now if you’ll excuse me I really have to go play Diablo II- bye.
Power Unlimited (Aug, 2000)
Geen revolutie, wel evolutie. Diablo II heeft al het goede van het origineel overgenomen en dat vervolgens uitgebouwd tot een gigantische, sfeervolle en ziekelijk verslavende game, waar je echt heel veel tijd aan kwijt zult raken. Deze game zou iedereen moeten spelen.
games xtreme (Jul 03, 2000)
Two million reservations before a game has even come out is something which will cause a stir in the gaming community. Yes, I am talking about the infamous Blizzard title Diablo 2. I brought it upon myself to figure out what all of this hype is about. With the original game scheduled for release in 1998, many people wondered why it was pushed back so far. This long wait has increased all of our expectations for Diablo II, and the game has met them all.
FiringSquad (Jul 06, 2000)
In the end, it comes down to gameplay. All the pretty graphics and fancy effects in the world don't help you. People didn't play Civilization because it looked cool, and they won't be playing Diablo II to see how pretty the Amazon's fire arrows are. Diablo II isn't a perfect game - the save system and are the two major issues we had, though we are still baffled by the lackluster graphics. However, when it comes down to it, Diablo II is undeniably fun. The charm of leveling and improving your character is undeniable. So what are a few minor issues to stand in your way?
Playback (Dec, 2005)
Na końcu pozostawiam sobie kwestię grywalności. Ta gra przyciąga jak mało, która. Pomimo trochę przestarzałej grafiki, oraz, powiedzmy to sobie szczerze, dosyć krótkiego czasu gry, do tego tytułu chce się wracać. Bynajmniej świadczy o tym ciągła popularność wśród graczy grających przez internet. Nawet po wyjściu World of Warcraft, ten tytuł nie ucierpiał. Nie ma, co narzekać. Diablo po prostu zasługuje na miano gry wszech czasów. Ale czy jakakolwiek gra ze studia Blizzarda nie zasługuje na to miano?
Why are you still reading this review? You should be on your way to the software store right now!
Svenska PC Gamer (Jul, 2000)
Det är svårt att sätta fingret exakt på vad det är som gör att Diablo II är så roligt att spela. Under testets gång kom jag på mig själv med att göra allt för att inte slita mig från skärmen. Maten kom i andra hand, men jag hade tur med toaletten då den ligger i närheten. Det är förmodligen spelets enkelhet och det faktum att karaktärerna kan utvecklas åt olika håll som är mest spännande. Mängden vapen, magiska föremål, fiender och kartornas storlek hjälper också till att fängsla spelaren vid datorn. Blizzard har alltså lyckats riktigt bra igen.
PC Games (Germany) (Aug, 2000)
Nun wollen wir mal nicht allzu negativ werden. Sicherlich ist es hochgradig ärgerlich, dass eine gestandene Spieleschmiede wie Blizzard, die bislang eigentlich immer für fehlerfreie, perfekt designte Epen wie StarCraft oder WarCraft bekamt war, in Diablo 2 nun nicht nur einen, sondern gleich mehrere fatale Fehlerteufel eingebaut hat. Dennoch bleibt es das Suchtspiel des Jahres - immerhin existieren mittlerweile zwei umfangreiche Patches, die kleinere Patzer im Spielverlauf verschwinden lassen. Der größte Patzer ist allerdings noch drin: Das elendige Speichersystem, das Sie bei jedem Ableben um mehr Wertgegenstände erleichtert und die eigentlich ja sehr unterhaltsame Monsterjagd an vielen Stellen unnötig in die Länge zieht. Also, Blizzard: Ein neues Spielstand-System muss her! Wenn dann noch das anstandslos und ohne Ruckler und Zuckler funktioniert, haben wir auch nichts mehr zu meckern.
Ein wenig enttäuscht bin ich nach wie vor, wenn ich nach all den Jahren des Wartens Diablo 2 starte und die niedrig aufgelöste Grafik und die mitunter arg grobschlächtig wirkenden Monster sehe. Kaum fängt man jedoch an zu spielen, schmelzen die Zweifel wie Schneeflocken in der Hölle. Seit Quake 3 konnte man keinem anderen Spiel mehr das monatelange Feilen am Gameplay und den verschiedenen Parametern so anmerken wie Diablo 2. Der Wiederspielwert lässt sich kaum abschätzen, und das atmosphärische Jäger-und-Sammler-Spiel hat jeden Spieler nach spätestens einer Stunde am Haken. Für Fans sind die nächsten Wochen ohnehin gelaufen. Kurzum: Mit Diablo 2 beweist Blizzard, dass Spielspaß eben alles ist und die Technik bestenfalls an zweiter Stelle rangiert. Daher mein Fazit: Kaufen. Jetzt!
Gaming Age (2000)
It has been years in the making, but Blizzard has finally released the long-awaited sequel to Diablo. Was it worth the wait? A definite yes! This isn’t "El Pollo Diablo" from Monkey Island; it is THE Diablo.
PC Joker (Jul, 2000)
Kein Grund wegen der langen Wartzeit und altmodischen Grafikauflösung gleich fuchsteufelswild zu werden: Der Diablo-Effekt macht anno 2000 süchtiger denn je! Was dieses Game an Spielfreude in abgehärteten Testerherzen wie dem meinen zu wecken vermag, lohnt alleine schon eine 90-er-Wertung. Und wenn es nichts Schlimmeres zu bemäkeln gibt als eine wunderbar ausgeleuchtete 2D-Grafik mit sanftem Parallaxscrolling, dann... ja, dann ist das doch eines der schönsten Komplimente, die ich einem Game machen kann!
Legendra (Mar 13, 2009)
Ce Hack'n Slash est mythique, si vous n'y avez pas encore joué, c'est probablement car vous n'êtes pas fan du genre. Le jeu est entièrement en français, et tous les dialogues sont doublés, ce qui permet une bonne immersion. Avec ces cinq classes de personnages différentes et le nombre d'objets à récupérer (notamment les panoplies) associés aux cartes infiniment renouvelées, vous en aurez pour des heures et des heures de jeu. La "replay value" est énorme et le jeu en ligne particulièrement jouissif.
I am happy to report that the original game was no fluke. The gameplay still holds up, particularly with Blizzard's ingenious additions. Once again, DIABLO II is the standard by which other games of this kind will be measured.
GamerDad (Nov 19, 2003)
I love the decisions as you grow your character up... do I spend more on my dodge skill or increase the power of my fire arrows?... I love the tactics involved in taking down the big-bad monsters at the end of quests. The multiplayer game is a relaxing adventure. You can join up with friends (the secure battle-net games seem to have definite problems with lag and overcrowding making it difficult to play the special "Realm" characters which are ranked according to experience...) and duke it out with evil in a relatively fast paced manner. Unlike multi-player online games like Everquest, you can go up a couple of levels in an evening of play giving you excellent positive reward for an evening of playing.
RPGFan (Jul 26, 2000)
In the end, however, the technical problems are simply that - problems. They'll be resolved. In the meantime, there's single player, there's Open characters, and if you've got the patience, you can use the Realms. Despite the bugs, there's one simple conclusion - Diablo II is a hell of a lot of fun. It's essentially the perfect sequel - it's more of the same. If you loved Diablo, you'll love Diablo II - there are more characters, more areas, more skills, more treasures, and a lot more challenge. If you never played Diablo, give Diablo II a shot - it's got simple, yet amazingly addictive gameplay, and there's a whole lot to like. Its got a solid single player game, terrific multi-player aspects, and is a blast to play. What else can you ask for?

GameStar (Germany) (Jul, 2000)
Bei der Technik muss ich Blizzard sowohl loben (keine Bugs) als auch tadeln – die Mindestauflösung 640x480 lässt sich nur damit erklären, dass die kalifornischen Schnarchnasen seit vier Jahren dieselbe Engine benutzen. Aber diesem Lapsus steht so viel Positives gegenüber, dass der Platz kaum reicht: vielfältige Heldentypen, Myriaden von Gegenständen, ernst zu nehmende Gegner, gut designte Quests, abwechslungsreiche Grafik, funktionierendes Skillsystem, fantastische Videos – und ein perfekter Multiplayer-Modus mit Langzeitspaß-Garantie. Wer Computerspiele mag, wird Diablo 2 innig lieben!
Diablo 2 ist das Sucht erregendste, was mit seit langem auf die Festplatte gekommen ist. Soziale Kontakte verarmen schneller, als meine Magierin Blitze schleudern kann, triviale Bedürfnisse wie Essen oder Schlafen verkommen zur völligen Bedeutungslosigkeit. Der Haken an der Sache: Nach vier, fünf Tagen sehen Sie den Abspann auf dem Monitor. Klar, es gibt noch vier weitere Charaktere und die tollen Mehrspieler-Optionen, doch die dürftige Geschichte mit ihren mickrigen 24 Quests ändert sich nicht - wären ein paar zufallsgesteuerte Aufgaben so schwer zu implementieren gewesen? Das federt dieses Problem etwas ab. Davon wissen alle zu berichten, die schon mit einer Gruppe wild zusammen gewürfelter Abenteurer losgezogen sind.
RPGamer (Sep 05, 2000)
Simply put, Diablo II is one of the best PC games out there. Also, thanks to an uncharacteristicly fast port, it is also one of the best Mac games out there. Both versions hit the shelves within a week of each other, and the Mac version has just as much care put into it. Even if you don't care for PC games in general, Diablo II is a nice game, and with it's multiplayer aspect and randomly generated world, you may find yourself playing for a very long time indeed.
Diablo 2 is a simple game in many respects. Sure at it's heart it maybe a hack 'n' slash RPG but to describe it in those simple terms is not giving the game the credit it deserves. Addictive, fun and rewarding (yes it is fantastically rewarding to build a character up) are all accurate descriptions of the game and it is difficult to avoid being sucked in by its 'just another five more minutes' appeal. It succeeds as surpassing the original and giving Diablo fans more than they could hope for. Diablo 2 has already claimed its place in gaming history through its terrific sales and its mass online appeal so perhaps there is a lot to say for a keeping a game simple as long as it still has that old magic playablility , and Diablo 2 has it by the truck (or should that be dungeon) load.
GameSpot UK (Jul 18, 2000)
The true key to Diablo II's success is simply the fact that it is a real blast to play, partially because it has a sound storyline with superb scene-setting movies between its four chapters. Moreover, it has an impressive array of beasts and undead enemies to lock horns in battle with and an incredible amount of variety in terms of the skills, statistics, arms and armour combinations you can develop for your characters. Yes, it is perhaps a bit too linear in overall terms, and lacks the sort of interaction and reaction that characterises other roleplaying games, but it makes up for this with simple, action-orientated play. Most of all though it is solid value for money with a single-player mode that will keep you busy for a considerable period of time and satisfying replay value with the different character classes in single-player mode as well as online.
Gameplay (Benelux) (Aug 30, 2000)
Hack & Slash van de bovenste plank. Blizzard herdefinieert de Diablo formule op een onnavolgbare manier.
90 (UK) (Jul 25, 2000)
If you are looking for serious role-playing I suggest you look elsewhere, especially if you plan on taking the game online. But as an "RPG-Lite" it's a damn fine game - go pick it up!
PC Games (Germany) (Mar 07, 2001)
Sagen Sie alle Termine ab, nehmen Sie sich Urlaub und verabschieden Sie sich vorerst von Ihren Freunden: Diablo 2 ist da! Wir haben den Nachfolger des erfolgreichsten Rollenspiels aller Zeiten ausführlichst für Sie getestet und warnen hiermit eindringlich: Diablo 2 macht süchtig - und zwar dermaßen, dass sich Blizzard vermutlich in absehbarer Zeit um Selbsthilfegruppen für umnächtigte Teufelsjünger kümmern muss
90 (Jul 14, 2000)
What does a hard core Diablo addict think when they initially start up Diablo II? Besides the typical "It's about time it came out!" reaction, many have extremely high expectations. I was one of those who wanted more of what I had already fallen in love with in the original, and I got it in spades, along with a few surprises. The overall look and feel is beyond Diablo and was definitely worth the three plus year wait. The advancements in the gaming engine make coming back a much more fulfilling experience than I had ever thought possible. Once again Blizzard has done what few gaming developers can: revamp what was already successful and make it better by leaps and bounds.
Gamezilla (Jul 17, 2000)
If you liked Diablo, you’ll like Diablo II. It’s proven very addicting and time consuming (just ask our wives), so if you don’t have much time, you may not be able to really enjoy it. We said this about Diablo but it’s just as true about the sequel: Diablo II really rocks. The gameplay has maintained all the features that made the original enjoyable and the enhancements to character growth, story depth, graphics, and multiplayer support are welcome improvements. While it is a great game, it doesn’t rate top honors due to the many issues with and flaky support for Windows 2000.
89 (Sep 09, 2000)
This one claims to be a Role Playing Game, but I am here to tell you that, while there are a few elements of role playing in this game, for the most part it is too linear and the game play is too superficial to allow me to call this a true RPG. It is certainly an adventure, and a VERY good one, but it is not an RPG. Don't let semantics turn you away from this one, though! In the context of the game itself, it is fun to play and watch, and you will not regret paying for this one!!
88 (Sep 18, 2002)
Diablo 2 is not a real hardcore RPG like baldur's gate or planescape but it is just one fantastic hack&slash fest that can keep u busy for weeks, looking for quests and items. It has been a while that i played a game that kept me so busy trying to discover new things. And when u're just recovered of the single player experience, try the multplayer on Man that really shows the other multiplayer games (except for Quake(and look-alikes), starcraft and online rpg's) in its class some butt. Yep, your character gets experienced quicker and there is nothing more pleasant then whooping some demon scum's asses with a nice human party.
GameSpy (2000)
Diablo II isn't a bad game by any stretch of the imagination. The graphics and sound are good, it's visually interesting, and the character classes and abilities are all pretty fun and distinct. The game also gets players with an addictive "one more quest" hook, and trying to collect the ideal set of equipment is entertaining in and of itself. However, Diablo is held back from being an excellent game by the fact that it features no really interesting characters or roleplaying, it only has a few simple quests, its story is paper thin, it has a few technical issues, is unreliable, and the gameplay is ultimately shallow and repetitive. If mowing down wave after wave of foes just to watch your stats go up is fun for you, then you may like it quite a bit. If, on the other hand, you're a fan of role playing games that offer an in-depth storyine, a chance to engage in genuine roleplaying, and a feeling of being part of the game world, then you'll likely be disappointed.
Diablo 2 ist leider alles andere als perfekt: Die Grafik ist für das Jahr 2000 peinlich, die Performance stellenweise einfach nur grauenhaft und alle Internetabstinenzler werden eine Speicherfunktion schmerzlich vermissen. Trotzdem ist der Spielspaß schon fast unerklärlich riesig. Die geniale, konfigurierbare Steuerung, ein für das simple Spielprinzip erstaunlicher Tiefgang, die alte Sammelleidenschaft und nicht zuletzt die großartige Atmosphäre können voll überzeugen: ein Pflichtkauf für alle passionierten Spieler. Bleibt nur zu hoffen, dass Blizzard die nervtötenden Stabilitätsprobleme des schnell löst.
Gry OnLine (Dec 20, 2000)
Co więc najbardziej może się podobać w Diablo II? Dla wielu graczy będzie to tak naprawdę po prostu styl gry, który określiłbym jako „close combat” i wszystkie elementy, o których – mam nadzieję – mogę uznać, iż napisałem i które budują grywalność tytułu. Dla mnie osobiście jeszcze kilka szczegółów miało niepoślednie znaczenie. Mam tu na myśli np. zamiłowanie twórców gry do wyrafinowanej metafory. Oto egzemplifikacja: buty o nazwie „Ślady Chtonu”, tarcza „Mur Bezokiego”, albo miecz „Ognisty Mróz” (to już nawet oksymoron) czy „Ubranie Armageddonu” (zestaw). Dobrym pomysłem było także wprowadzenie kolekcji unikatowych zestawów, choć ta zabawa w pełni możne się realizować chyba tylko w rozgrywce sieciowej. I właśnie tryb muliplayer jest jedną z największych zalet Diablo II (biorąc pod uwagę polskie warunki dostępu do Internetu, trzeba mówić raczej o wadzie...)
85 (Jul 31, 2000)
Im Grossen und Ganzen ist Diablo2 ein packendes Action-Rollenspiel, das in jede Spielesammlung gehört. Es bietet sowohl für schnelle Prügeleien, als auch für den engagierten Rollenspielfan viel Möglichkeiten und macht durch leichtes Gameplay auch Neulingen schnell Spaß.
De licht ondermaatse grafische weergave doet weinig af aan de fun en de verslavingsgraad van dit fantastische spel.
85 (Jun 30, 2000)
Malgré des graphisme perfectibles et surtout un manque d’originalité par rapport au premier volume, ce jeu n’en reste pas moins un excellent titre et même sans conteste le meilleur des... Diablo-like. :)
GameZone (Jul 04, 2000)
Legend has it that after many long, deadly battles, the life forces of three demonic brothers, Baal, Mephisto, and Diablo--the manifestations of evil--were finally imprisoned within three separate soulstones. The soulstones were then implanted into the bodies of the heroes who captured the demons, and the heroes were buried deep in the earth to spend eternity wrestling with the demonic life forces, keeping them from escaping back into the world.
GameSpot (Jul 07, 2000)
While its graphics appear somewhat dated, Diablo II has incredible replay value, and most importantly, it offers a lot of addictive gameplay in either the single-player or the multiplayer mode.
Génération 4 (Sep, 2000)
Moche mais palpitant, Diablo II reste un grand jeu, que ses futurs concurrents en 3D auront du mal à rattraper.
IGN (Jul 07, 2000)
I fear I am to become the most hated editor in the history of gaming news and reviews. But before you go ahead and judge me on my shortcomings as a human being and write thousands of pieces of hate mail and death threats to me, read the review. I have my reasons for not giving Diablo II a perfect score. Plenty of them. But hark! What's this? Yes there are plenty of good things to go along with the bad. It is Blizzard after all, and they aren't known for making horrible products. So blaze on intrepid readers, I promise I'll be fair.
Imperium Gier (Jul 03, 2000)
Dobra, ale skończmy optymistyczniej - na koniec zostawiłem sobie coś, czego nigdy nie potrafiłem zdefiniować - grywalność. Powszechnie postrzega się grywalność jako wypadkową grafiki, muzyki i fabuły, sam skłaniałem się ku temu, ale jednak tak nie jest. Diablo 2, mimo generalnego braku powszechnego zachwytu nad żadnym z powyższych elementów (może za wyjątkiem muzyki) jest grą wciągającą jak rzadko która. Po skończeniu pierwszego aktu natychmiast rzuciłem się w wir walki w akcie drugim, nawet nie myśląc o tym, żeby zrobić sobie choć chwilkę przerwy - Diablo 2 pochłonęło mnie niesamowicie. Programiści z Blizzarda może i trochę zaspali, ale udało im się stworzyć produkt z duszą - grę posiadającą w sobie 'to coś', co sprawia, że tysiące graczy klną na nią i narzekają, ale nie mogą się od niej oderwać. Naprawdę wielki produkt, naprawdę znakomita rozrywka. Trochę tylko popsuta nienajlepszym tłumaczeniem. Tak czy siak, na 8 i pół zasługuje w 100 procentach.
RPGFan (Aug 13, 2001)
I have little to pick at with Diablo II. It's a solid game. The difficultly levels are adjusted accordingly and they're not unbalanced in the least. The game is much longer than Diablo; in fact, Act I is probably just as long as Diablo was in its entirety. With four Acts to bash through and online play that is even more addictive, Diablo II will keep your hands on that mouse for quite some time. And since the control is easy to manage with the mouse as well, you won't be slamming the mouse in anger…that is, unless you get killed by another, stronger player…or you happen to be playing on Nightmare.
All in all, Diablo II is certainly a worthy sequel to a title that excels at being one of the hardest games to stop playing. Those looking for detailed character and party management as well as a more intricate storyline and rewarding single-player experience should probably wait for Baldur's Gate II. But those who just want to get their licks in without committing significant hours of time will find Diablo II to be one of the more addictive games of 2000.
ActionTrip (Jul 18, 2000)
The game certainly has something about it and that something is mostly the FMV sequences and pure, logic ridden, action. Diablo I was the Prometheus of its genre, Diablo II most certainly isn't. Anyway it is sure to sell good and play a lot, so this game isn't meant for people who already play the game, nor fro those who plan on buying it ASAP, it's for the weird few who wander: Have I gone insane or has the rest of the world gone berserk after a couple of line of quite average computer code?
PC Gamer Brasil (Aug, 2000)
A espera foi grande, mas recompensadora. Diablo II chega completamente reformulado e com quase nenhuma característica de seu antecessor. No maravilhoso vídeo de apresentação, já se começa a ter idéia do porque tantos gamers dizem que valeu a pena esperar. Mas a diferença maior entre o primeiro e o segundo está, talvez, no tamanho do game. Para se ter uma idéia, Diablo II tem de 5 a 7 vezes o tamanho de Diablo I!
80 (Jul 27, 2006)
Diablo…. Une des meilleures surprise de l’année 1997. Une ambiance glauque prenante, des cinématiques de folie, un gameplay novateur : le hack and slash et les premières parties (gratuites !) sur internet. Un succès critique et commercial, on ne demandait alors qu’une seule chose : une suite ! Et comme à son habitude, Blizzard a pris son temps : 3 ans de développement et on ne compte plus les nombreux retards pris sur le planning. Mais l’attente n’aura pas été vaine, et Diablo 2 est bien le digne successeur de son aîné.
Any review of Diablo II has to start with a tip of the hat to the original Diablo. This great Blizzard gaming hit swept the county, and the great reception that it received from millions of fans is the reason that we have Diablo II today. While it was almost a given that Blizzard would have to create a sequel, it was open for debate how the next installment would differ from the first. The differences in Diablo II are both subtle and compelling, and Blizzard has again given us a master piece of gaming.
Random Access (Mar 05, 2014)
Diablo II can be an exhilarating game at times, but the battling can become awfully repetitive and can lead to a bad case of click-finger from having to click the mouse over and over. The game is fair enough in the lower difficulty levels, but by the time you get to the "Nightmare" level, you may be tempted to remove hair via clenched fists. But the worst offense is the need to constantly revisit the town over and over again; sometimes you'll have to take another trip back after less than a minute of fighting. This leads to a jarring experience, one that could have been streamlined better. I enjoyed the game overall (it's still above and beyond Diablo by a huge margin), but there is still work to be done before a Diablo game can achieve true greatness.
Absolute Games ( (Jun 30, 2000)
Несомненно, ошибки устранят (кстати, первый патч уже вышел). Но куда убрать поросшую плесенью графику в 640х480х256, из-за которой главным образом D2 и получила столь низкий итоговый балл? Как быть с атмосферой и духом Diablo, которые раздавлены дизайнерами в попытках измерить и склонировать собственный успех при помощи штангенциркуля, лекал, финансовых вливаний и назойливого PR?
Gamekult (Jul 11, 2000)
Certains ne se sentiront plus de joie devant cette suite tant attendue de Diablo, de par sa grande fidélité à l'esprit du précédent titre. D'autres se sentiront cependant frustrés par cette très (trop) grande fidélité qui fait passer cette nouvelle aventure pour une extension, certes réussie, mais qui laisse sur sa faim. Si l'impression de déjà-vu et le principe simpliste du «j'explore, je tue, je dépouille» ne vous pèse pas outre mesure, vous pourrez vous défouler à loisir avec Diablo II qui à coup sûr va envoûter des amateurs de jeu de rôle d'action... très action !
There are certain events that mark a year, a decade, a century; it is these happenings that help to define the period within our own minds and within the pages of history. So momentous are they that most people can remember every relevant detail, every thought or emotion associated with the matter in question. So powerful are they that they will forever reside within our hearts and minds, in some form or another. This was the fate of such cultural phenomena as the O.J. Simpson verdict, C.N.N's coverage of the Gulf War, the tragic death of Princess Diana...and, of course, Diablo. Storming violently and purposefully across the gaming landscape back in 1997, this title forever redefined the concept of addiction as it claimed the ceaseless attention of millions of fans across the globe with its simple-as-Hell hack'n'slash antics. Part action, part RPG, Diablo went on to become one of the top-selling games of all time, with one of the most avid and dedicated fan bases ever seen.
Diablo and Diablo II comprise a powerful franchise in the gaming industry. When Diablo was first released it went to the top of the sales charts. That was three years ago. Naturally, everyone who ever played the first game anxiously awaited the sequel with baited breath. And for the most part the wait was worth it. But the game isn't without some pretty nasty flaws.

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