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Diablo II Screenshots (Windows)

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
Playing an amazon female warrior - you should see her from the front :-)
If this fails as a weapon, it can always be used as a lighter
Typical dungeon slash-'n'-hack place
Sorceress character unleashes her flame touch
Now you can't even drink the water in peace without being attacked
Game title (from the end of intro animation)
Inventory storage
In town.
Using map while playing will reduce sight focus
Fighting the Dark Hunters
Battle shrine will increase your abilities making you much more lethal to your foes.
Each chapter but last contains six quests. Last one only contains three quests.
For weaker players it's imminent to hire mercenaries. Only problem is there are no infinite of them... unless you save and exit first ;-)
Some foes can be stealthy, but when they do appear, they shine so much you cannot miss.
As the other creatures, giant spiders are only dangerous when there are many and you're surrounded.
Battle with Mephisto can be rather easy if you have a friend that will freeze him all the time ;))
You can always come back to town using portals if you end up somewhere without a waypoint or far away.
Tyrael may be fearceful in CGs, but ingame, he'll only be there to advise you, not much of a physical help, though :(
Caught in the line of fire. For such things, it's best to try dodging fire and take opponents one by one.
Entering the River of Flame... which means, approaching the Hell's Forge and Diablo's residence.
Once you break the soulstone of Mephisto, all the imprisoned souls by it will be set free.
It only takes one sword with lots of repairs on it to make such a mess in hell.
The Chaos Sanctuary... the last place you have to fight through to catch who you seek.
Battle with Diablo won't be victorious by the sword. You'll need exploding arrows or ranged weapons, trust me.
Animation scene - The journey through the desert
Animation scene - Mephisto
The city of Lut Gholein. Talk to Mara if you need your items repaired, or visit Cain to continue with the quest.
Going through the harem and searching for the entrance to the palace cellar.
Fighting Doom Maul and his evil minions.
We're in the Arcane Sanctuary now. The teleport spell can be useful here.
There are a lot of NPC's in Lut Gholein, but you can talk only to a few of them.
The floor of Tal Rasha's tomb is covered with corpses. Destroy that sarcophagus or more zombies will appear.
Character class selection screen
Starting the new game as a sorceress
Clearing the cavern of enemy presence brings back the light
Turning green indicates you're poisoned
Defeating a minor boss on the graveyard
You can play with on-screen map if it doesn't obfuscate your view
Fighting Gloam creature in the dark places
Big trees are approaching
It's a miracle how you can cut down any kind of swarm with an exe
Visiting Alkor's hut
You can play with half of the screen constantly showing your inventory
Archangel Tyrael is warning you before you venture any further into Diablo's realm
Battling the Storm Caster in one of the chapels in hell